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Story Notes: grateful thanks to LBD

Point Bonita San Francisco Image credit- Rick’s San Francisco Journal: http://sf.blueherontours.com/2010/11/point-bonita-lighthouse.html

Image of capsizing liner: Poseidon Adventure (1972) 20th Century Fox. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-yC9u-iKoPXQ/UhWdS_yQxaI/AAAAAAAAARw/vKIB0ibaEwU/s1600/8221338143_b3036213ff_z-1.jpg

It might be a concern that these stories even exist. To some I guess they are Star Trek things in a rather old universe, the song titles do not help I imagine or the fact that San Francisco in my mind of 2259 is roughly the same as 2014. The stories are aimless fun with occasional severe undertones. Book Two dealt with suicide, Book Three with families and love and this one breaks the norm in fashion being like the first story a pastiche or tribute to that old story- the disaster movie.

I hope you stick with the series. Stories are sketched in as far as book eight (which is somewhat more than the older BCI series but far less than the decade old Star Trek Raven).

Wimbledon, London, October 2014


It’s out of control, and it’s coming your way…


Inspired by a childhood of movies where planes crashed into water, buildings burned, ships were sunk by tidal waves and big name actors were thrown in for fun.




“Goin’ Down”


“…Coming' up for air
It's pretty stuffy under there
I'd like to say I didn't care
But I forgot to leave a note
And it's so hard to stay afloat
I'm soakin' wet without a boat
And I knew I should have taken off my shoes
It's front page news
Goin' down
Goin' down

Goin’ Down (The Monkees) written by: Davy Jones, Michael Naismith, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork and Diane Hilderbrand



At 0410 the rogue wave was sighted right ahead. Looming out of the darkness from 220, it looked as though the ship was heading straight for the white cliffs of Dover.”

Captain R. Warwick of the RMS Queen Elizabeth II relating an incident of September 11, 1995.


On a spring night in the year 2261, lifeguard Gary Mitchell and marine biologist Doctor Carol Marcus were amongst guests involved in a disaster of epic proportions in the Golden Gate.

This is their story…




Even in this highly modern age Point Reyes’ Lighthouse (as indeed several others) were still run by the National Park Service. Indeed, many joked that aside from cockroaches the NPS was the only

form known to survive an apocalypse. Eugenics War, World War III and Romulan War, it had survived them all. Here it existed to protect the Point Reyes National Seashore and Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

Ralf Adaire sat in the Point Reyes Lighthouse’s main room which had long ago been upgraded. Owing to its position on the approach into San Francisco, the lighthouse was responsible for storm tracking, tidal monitoring and the like.

He saw that there were higher than usual tidal surges pressing up into nearby Drake’s Bay as well down towards the Golden Gate. He activated tidal warnings for the San Francisco and Bay Area as well as further north to Bodega and the Doran Regional Park. Casting a look at his monitors he noticed two storms out west in the Pacific itself. Ralf accessed the orbiting Starfleet satellites to analyse the storms. Even in this modern age weather was as much unpredictable as it was centuries ago.

“Wouldn’t want to be out under that,” Adaire said to himself whilst seeing how big the waves were getting. The storms individually were not all that big but they were moving close together. He tapped instructions on his computer to record the data and copy out to the meteorological control room in Seattle. He then got up to leave and head back to San Francisco. It was the end of a working day and he had friends in Starfleet to meet.

Out west the two storm-fronts started to merge and move east.

On a direct line to San Francisco.


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