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It’s Gratitude Festival time, and there are celebrations on DS9 and Bajor. 


You may notice I have skipped episode 18. That's because here is where I cheat a bit. You see according to my plan, episode 18 would be an adaptation of the licensed (and very much acclaimed) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel The Never-Ending Sacrifice, by Una McCormack.

It fits perfectly into my season here because it continues the depiction of Elim Garak on Earth as Cardassian ambassador to the Federation as seen earlier in season 11, and as will be necessary for next season's stories (if i should ever write them). 

However, since it is already a licensed and copyrighted work, I don't really have the legal permission (nor for that matter the time or energy) to put it up openly for the internet's enjoyment, not even in heavily adapted and edited form.

So for those who have read the book, simply know that this is where it's supposed to fit into the chronology. And for those who haven't read it, first, you should. And second, imagine Garak alone in his embassy in Berlin, receiving a visitor - a younger Cardassian man. "Do I know you?" asks Elim. "My name is Rugal Pa'Dar," replies the young man. 


Anyway, onto episode 19. As the numbers suggest, we are now into the final four of the season, so we are building up to the grand finale. 

Like 11x12 Vigil, this episode dramatises an event first described post facto in the licensed DS9 novel Rough Beasts of Empire, by David R George III. 


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