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Stardate 55732.2
Cardassian Battle Cruiser Pract
Near Setlik system

Gul Minet’s eyes widened as he read the communiqué. “Seems as though we’re expecting some rather important company Glinn,” he said coolly. “Guls Cacet and Nekrit have just informed me of their intention to pay us a visit, along with two other battle cruisers.” his dark eyes roamed over the short message once more. “We’re to receive further orders from there.”

Glinn Sanun stood just a little taller with the news. “Gul Nekrit sir?” his surprise was obvious. “What could she possibly want?”

Minet stood and firmed his own stance. “The Enterprise is being escorted by two of their new battle ships and Gul Nekrit is bringing back-up to the party?” He grinned brightly. “Sounds like she wants something very important,” he broke a short laugh. “…and I intend on making sure she gets what she wants.”

USS Panther
En Route – Sector 001
Passing Iadora System
Personal Quarters: Captain – Steele, Antoinette …

Doctor H’rim pulled lightly at his cat-like whiskers and laid his pointed, dark grey ears back against his head. “Have you tried hot milk?”

Steele smiled weakly. “Yes.”

“With a little nutmeg?”

She laughed slightly. “Yes.”

He shook his head with a defeated frown and upturned his vertically slit, dark blue eyes to her. “Look, I know how much you hate taking medication, but I’m fresh out of home remedies.”

“H’rim,” she said sadly. “Right now, I’d do almost anything to get a full night’s sleep.”

“Captain, what’s bothering you?” he asked bluntly. "You’ve never had this much trouble sleeping. Not even on the Yeager.” Her eyes met his and he knew immediately that she would not be admitting anything to him. “Fine Captain…lay down. You know how this affects you. You’ll be asleep before I pull the hypo away from your neck.”

She grinned thinly once more and rested her head on her pillow. H’rim walked up to her bedside and pulled the cover up over her shoulder with care. “I know. I just hate knowing I might not be able to wake up if necessary,” she sighed. “But I’m at my wit’s end H’rim. Malek’s handling things just fine. If I could just get one night…just one night’s sleep then maybe I’ll…”

“Shhh Captain,” H’rim hushed. “You will. This will help.”

USS Jaguar
Observation Lounge

Admiral Jellico stood and stared out the window. The star trails passed but he hadn’t noticed. His mind was still rolling over every detail.

The door slid open and Hunter walked in. He watched Jellico as he stood by the windows. He hadn’t even noticed him enter.

“You know Admiral it is possible to over-think things.”

Jellico spun in his spot but smiled when he saw Hunter. “Maybe Nate.”

“It’s just taking too long. I know,” he said. “You never were one for being patient.”

Jellico’s face soured. “No.”

“Well. You should know. Captain Temmett has just contacted me. He said that he thinks Riker is ready.”

Jellico’s eyes widened with the surprise. “Really?”

Hunter nodded. “He has made him available but Counselor Troi has made it very clear these will not be long sessions.”

Jellico shook his head with a smile. He patted Hunter’s shoulder as he began to walk out of the Observation Lounge. “Hopefully they won’t have to be.”

USS Enterprise
Ready Room

Picard sat forward in his chair and scowled heavily. “You don’t think?”

Riker shook his head slightly. “I don’t know Captain. It might be nothing at all. They might be identical designs but you and I both know that no two engineers are alike. It’s possible they just calibrate their deflector shield generators differently.”

“Maybe Number One, but why has the differential appeared intermittently?” Picard questioned. He leaned back in his chair and pursed his lips, “No. This mission has too much riding on it to take any chance. Have LaForge complete his analysis and report any new instances of the disturbance.”

“Aye sir,” Riker nodded in agreement but allowed his worry to show.

Picard noticed it immediately and as Riker stood to depart the ready room Picard raised his hand. “Will,” he looked to his First with concern, “…it’s probably nothing.”

Riker swallowed hard and his pallor weakened. “Sir…with everything that’s happened over the last week, I highly doubt that.” He stared his captain straight in the eye, “…and so do you.”

He turned and left the ready room, leaving Picard alone, letting the uncertainty wash over him like a wave.

Picard’s eyes hung there, looking at the door Riker had just departed through. You’re right. I do.

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