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After seeing Odo on the Promenade, Kira had done as Shakaar suggested. Kira had thought the First Minister sounded a little condescending when he'd told her to go meditate, and had decided not to, just to be contrary. But what happened on the Promenade with Odo made her more broody than ever, and she knew she needed to dump some of this negativity before it revved up to full-throttled anger.

Too tired and frustrated to bother with setting things up in her quarters, she'd gone to Quark's. He had a program on file, acquired just for her, of the meditation caves in the Kiva Monastery. The isolation and tranquility of those caves made them one of Kira's favorite places, and their encapsulating darkness sounded just like what the doctor- or the First Minister- had ordered.

But of course Kira still didn't get her chance to rest. Julian's hologram was causing trouble again. It broke into her program, and interrupted her meditation. Of all things, the nosy bundle of photons was there to ask her to dinner, on behalf of Odo. Any other day, she would have refused, would have stormed out of the holosuite, found her chief of security, and asked him what he was thinking, sending an artificial emissary to do his dirty work. However, given Odo's reticence this morning, she wondered if she had misinterpreted things. Maybe it wasn't guilt, but something else she'd seen. Could she be so lucky, that she and Odo had come to the same conclusion on the same day, and that the Constable also wanted their relationship status resolved? Hadn't she been waiting for this for a year? Did it matter how the request was delivered, so long as it was done?

According to the light bulb, the answer was no.

In spite of the ancient lounge act, Kira said yes to dinner. Much to her everlasting regret.

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