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Seven years ago, Captain Scrog was close to being retired; he was hoping to be promoted to Rear Admiral the next year. Q and the borg come on the scene; this is a story of self-realization.

Rated: K
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Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Family, Friendship, General, Holidays, Humor, Other
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Series: Starbase 107
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Published: 22 Jan 2015 Updated: 29 Jan 2015
Story Notes:

A Christmas Qarol was inspired by A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, which is one of the author's favorite stories.

1. Prologue: The Break by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (1037 words)

Stardate 57936, December 8, 2380. Captain Barrett meets with Admiral Buchanan at 1400 hours on the subject of a report that was made seven years ago; Buchanan gives the unofficial report of what happened to fill in the gaps. It involves Captain Scrog of the USS Charles Dickens seven years ago.


2. Chapter 1: Frustration by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (1585 words)

Stardate 51966.5, December 19 2374. Captain Scrog is in his quarters recording his personal log and reliving the events of seven years ago where his first officer was assimilated by the Borg. Even though he wants to be alone, he goes to Ten Forward and has a drink. After seeing his nephew who invites him to the Christmas party, something sets his temper off. The ship's physician orders him to stay in his quarters and rest.

3. Chapter 2 The Visit 0100 Hours by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (1229 words)

This is a two-part chapter. The first part, "The Visit" has Jacobus of Borg to visit Captain Scrog and tells him about the three visitors he is to expect at 0200, 0300, and 0400 hours respectively.

The second part to this chapter is at 0200 hours, where Scrog encounters the first visitor: Cadet York.

4. Chapter 3: Forgotten Regrets by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (2525 words)

Stardate 31966.4, December 19, 2354. York and the captain beam 20 years into the past, to Scrog's academy days, several hours before the Academy Archaic Christmas Party. Cadet Scrog and Belle meet up and are the life of the party... after a while, Captain Scrog and York goes into the future several years later.

5. Chapter 4: Presently Here, 0300 Hours by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (2963 words)

Captain Scrog meets Lieutenant Glad, who shows him the things in the very present that he doesn't know about. Scrog's heart starts to melt.

6. Chapter 5: The Once and Future Capitaine! 0400 Hours by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (1215 words)

Another mysterious figure comes on the scene. What's going on? Just where...or when are they? The Borg come on the scene. Will the captain escape, be assimilated or be rescued?

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile." 

(Star Trek: First Contact)


7. Chapter 6: Res-Q by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (1182 words)

Just as Scrogus is about to be 100% borg, something happens. He is pulled away and relocated before Scrog is forever erased. Well guess who is the third entity...it's Q, and he has some tricks up his sleeves to try to help Scrog...er Scrogus along.

8. Chapter 7: Back the Way It Should Be by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (2070 words)

Captain Scrog wakes up from what he thinks is a nightmare and Q appears. He realizes he has changed through his experience and also meets up with an old friend. A surprise or two is in store for the captain and valiant crew of the USS Charles Dickens.

9. Chapter 8: Merry Christmas! by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (2421 words)

In Scrog's ready room, the captain and his Number One are talking. The doctor tells some very good and happy news to Cratchitt, Scrog changes his mind about a decision he was making. Presently, Buchanan finishes his story about who is where, and Conservancy warps to its next mission!

10. A Starbase 107 Christmas Qarol Information by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (1314 words)

This is information, back information and the reasoning behind how I named and numbered the ships.

11. A Starbase 107 Christmas Qarol Easter Eggs! by Admiral Christopher [Reviews - 0] (1252 words)

This page gives the references (links) of what inspired me for a particular scene, or even line of dialogue. I use

http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/Portal:Main as my main source of reference.