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A bite-sized outtake of "Family Album", written for the December 2014 "family" challenge. Returning to Earth after the loss of the Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard deals with more than one family matter. 

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Winner: December 2014 Challenge - Family

Rated: K+
Categories: Original Series, Next Generation, Expanded Universes Characters: Kirk, James T., Kirk, Tru, Picard, Jean-Luc, Redfern, Duncan (Lame Wolf), S'chn T'gai, James
Genre: Family
Warnings: None
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Series: Star Trek: Beyond
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Word count: 998 Read: 444
Published: 18 Dec 2014 Updated: 18 Dec 2014

1. Chapter 1 by M C Pehrson [Reviews - 5] Liked (998 words)