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The door chime startled Kira from a sweet sleep. Disorientation at waking in a strange bed and a strange room washed over her. Kira looked at her surroundings, spied the ivory plant in the corner, and knew exactly where she was. So that's where he put it. She couldn't stop the huge grin that threatened to crack her face as memories of the previous night flooded back to her.

She listened as Odo answered the door. Kira could hear him speak to whoever was on the other side, but couldn't make any of it out, their words a soft jumble traveling through the bulkheads. She considered getting up, but decided she felt way too glorious right where she was. Rolling herself in the sheets that still held their scents from the night before, she wondered what it would be like to be under the effects of the elixir in this bed. Kira nestled deeper, content with what her normal Bajoran nose, and the pleasant ache between her thighs, told her. She certainly knew enough.

Odo walked into the bedroom, dressed in a dark blue robe, carrying something. He looked so strange in that robe. She wasn't used to seeing him like this, out of uniform. Out of uniform? He's out of clothes, period, under that robe. The idea sent a jolt straight to her groin, and she had to fight an irresistible urge to reach up and pull the robe's tie.

“Good morning,” he greeted, sitting next to her, stretching his long legs out on the bed.

Seeing Odo smile down at her like that, Kira was struck with the thought that she had never felt so right in all her life, even though she was naked and mussed. It was as if they had been doing this for years. She sat up suddenly and kissed him, hard, putting all of the love she could in it. Odo quickly caught her ardor, and they got lost for a time, until Kira felt something hard hit her belly.

Kira broke the kiss and looked down. “Good morning, indeed. Is that a box in your lap, Constable, or are you just happy to see me?”

Odo looked at her, dazed. “Box?”

“Yes, the box?” Kira giggled, nodding toward it.

“Oh, yes...That box...We have a delivery, though who would know you are here, I have no idea. I didn't think anyone saw us, it was so late.” Odo looked down at the box, turning it in his hands. “There's a card, too,” he said, pulling it from the pocket of his robe. “It's addressed to both of us, most formally, and with titles.”

Kira sat up, clutching the sheet over her naked breasts, her curiosity piqued. Odo was right, she hadn't remembered seeing anyone as they rushed back from The Alcove to his quarters. Then again, she wouldn't have noticed much of anything at the time. Recalling the turbolift ride to the habitat ring would heat many a cold night for years to come.

“Well, that is interesting," she said. "Open it?”

Odo complied, breaking the seal on the old fashioned card. She hadn't seen real paper in ages. The writing on the card was in Bajoran, she noted, adding even more to the mystery. Kira couldn't fathom who had sent it. Odo cleared his throat, and began to read.


My Dear Friends,

You left quite abruptly last night, and I did not have the chance to give you a parting gift. I do, of course, forgive you in your haste to leave my shop. I know well the effects of The Diod, and can express only joy at what I know was the joining of two true hearts. The nose always knows, if you will forgive the phrase.

In the box you will find a small vial of the elixir. I give it as a gesture of friendship, and as a goodbye. By the time you read this, I will have left the station to explore, and gather the information that was my purpose. I hope I may see you again, but in this universe our paths are never certain, what lies before us is never guaranteed, and what is behind us must be left behind. The only constant is that which is between you. If doubt or darkness come to claim you, use The Diod, and renew your bond again.

Blessings on you both,



Odo handed Kira the box. She opened it reverently. As promised, nestled in the bottom was a miniature version of the elixir's bottle, containing the familiar silver liquid. Kira smiled as she drew it out, and regretted not being able to say goodbye. She owed Cequiran one.

“We owe Ceqrian a debt.” Odo's words mirrored her thoughts as if she'd spoken aloud, and Kira started, looking up at him. He smiled, and hooked his arm around her shoulder, pulling her against his chest.

They both studied the bottle in her hands. “Yes, we do, “ she said. “I wonder how long it would have taken us to sort out our feelings without this stuff.”

Odo laughed, the rumble of it traveling through his chest as he squeezed her a little closer, and kissed her brow. “Knowing the two of us, I'm sure we would have made a mess of things for years.”

“You're right,” Kira chuckled. “We are so different, but sometimes so much the same. I'm sure we would have danced around our feelings, sizing each other up, waiting for the other to make a move, like a pair of wrestlers in a ring.”

“Well, we did manage some interesting moves last night, so maybe that's not so far off,” Odo teased.

Kira waggled a brow at him. “Care for a rematch, Constable?”

Odo plucked the bottle of elixir from her hands, and set it on the nightstand with care. “Double or nothing says you pin me to the mat this time.”

Kira pulled the tie on his robe. “Oh, you're on.”


And elsewhere in the universe, a Virinian smiled.



Chapter End Notes: I know I repeat myself a lot, but I bounce off my own work. It's like ripples on a pond, and this work was the pond, written long before I ever thought I'd be brave enough to post something... I borrowed/ modified some Quenya terms for the Virinian (LOTR). "Diod" is a Welsh word. Based on characters belonging to Paramount. The characters are theirs, the story is mine.

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