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With an impatient shove, Odo slid a PADD across his desk. "Kira Adassa."

Kira caught it and turned it on. “What?”

“Kira Adassa," Odo repeated. "Born in Dahkur province over sixty years ago. Older sister to Kira Taban. Registered to the Ih'Valla in Dahkur City when she was sixteen, the normal age of Ren D'jarra. She was an icon painter, just like her brother. Kira Adassa never married, had no children of her own, but was close to her brother's family. So much so, she is the only person in Bajoran history to intern herself in a camp, just so she could live with them. She worked as a—

“Stop,” Kira said, and dropped the PADD on Odo's desk. “That's enough. What do you want to know?”

Odo rose from his seat and rounded the desk. He took a casual position directly across from Kira, leaning on the edge. “Kira, I got to see quite a bit of your Aunt Adassa today, and for a woman in her early sixties, she is...well preserved.”

“Yes,” Kira replied, blushing. 

Kira's future self had filled her in on what happened with Odo, calling Kira back to her quarters after Odo left. Future Kira was distraught after seeing Odo, something she had wanted to avoid. The woman's distress kept Kira from thinking too hard about the fact that Odo now knew what she looked like naked. Yet it wasn't actually her Odo saw. It was all pretty confusing, but as they surveyed the damage Odo's grip had done to her door frame, both Kiras had managed a laugh. "Good luck explaining that to the repair crew," Dassi had chortled. 

Kira used that moment of humor to make the smile she gave Odo look real. It wasn't. She was nervous as hell.

"Remarkable, isn't it?” Kira said. "Though Bajoran women do age well.”

“Truly well," Odo returned. "Considering Kira Adassa has been dead for over twenty years, she looks fantastic.” Odo crossed his arms over his chest, expression darkening. “Nerys, are you going to tell me who it was I met in your quarters this morning, or do I have to make this a formal inquest?”

Kira bit her lip. “I can't tell you.”

“Can't, or won't?”

“Both. Odo, look, you're going to have to trust me on this one. I can't tell you who she really is, but she isn't dangerous, if that's what you're thinking.”

Odo stood straighter. “I am the chief of security on this station. I have a right to know who she is, and I will determine who is dangerous to the station, and who is not!”

Kira sucked in a gasp. How dare Odo pull the constable routine on her? She shot from her seat, rushing towards him. Odo dropped his arms, leaning forward, and met her glare with one of his own as Kira pressed her way deliberately too far inside his space.

“And I'm its first officer!" Kira spat. "I say she isn't a danger, and I also say her presence on this station is classified, and that is all you or anyone else needs to know!” She moved even closer, pinning Odo between her and the desk. “Am I clear, Captain?”

Odo inhaled sharply, biting back whatever he was going to say. That got him. Kira never pulled rank with him. She could see Odo's outrage swimming in the depths of those sea blue eyes, lurking just under the surface, waiting to break free. Being so close to that amount of force so tightly reigned was electric, exhilarating. It also reminded her of something.

Before Kira could think it through, Odo stood to his full height. He took a step forward, forcing her to yield him the space. “Yes, Major,” he bit off, giving her an overly-correct salute.

Kira planted her feet, and did her best to stare Odo down. He was way too close, they were chest to chest, but she wasn't giving up her part of the field. She dropped her eyes first, getting out from under that blue and blazing gaze without giving ground. Odo's breath brushed passed her ear, and the flame of her temper burned itself into something much hotter, filling her with the urge to throw her arms around him, to press her body to his, a thing she could swear she had done before but knew she hadn't.

What color were your lover's eyes in that dream, Nerys?

Oh, Prophets. That's what this reminded her of. Suddenly, Kira found that everything her future self had told her made perfect sense.

“Oh, Odo, I'm sorry,” she said, anger evaporating. “You're right, you have every right to ask me, but I don't want to fight with you about it. I've got too much going on, starting with the woman in my quarters. I promise, there is a good explanation for all of this, but I can't tell you any of it, not right now.”

“Then when can you tell me, Major?”

“I can't tell you that, either.”

“Then what can you tell me?”

“Not much, Odo. Just...give me some more time.” Kira gripped Odo's shoulders, pleading with her eyes as much as her voice. “And please. Don't tell anyone about my...about Adassa. No one can know she's here.”

“You'd tell me if she was a danger to you? To the station?”

“I would.”

“Alright,” Odo said, standing down. “I'll drop the matter, though I still don't like it. I just need to know you're safe.”

The highest part of the sky, where the sun likes to sit...Kira reached down and found Odo's hand. “You do that a lot, don't you? Make sure I'm safe?”

“Well, you are a resident of the station, a member of the militia. It's my duty. I don't mean to—”

“Odo.” She placed a finger over his lips. “I understand, more than you know... And thank you. For always keeping me safe.”

Odo didn't move, held still by her touch. Kira stared at his mouth, at her finger resting there. She had the vague thought she shouldn't be touching him like this, but then her finger moved down, over his lips, tracing them gently. They were surprisingly soft. She drifted a little closer, wondering...

Odo lifted her hand from his face. “You're welcome,” he replied, keeping her wrist, his grip a little too tight. Kira's eyes slid up to his. For once, she could fully read the emotion in Odo's expression. It made her bold.

“Thank you, Odo,” she said. She brought his other hand to rest on her waist, and placed a light kiss on the corner of his mouth.

His grip on her waist tightened. "You're welcome,” he whispered.

Kira's mouth was still close to his, hovering, waiting. Odo released her wrist to brush her cheek, caress her neck. His fingers moved to the base of her hairline, massaging in careful little strokes. Kira closed her eyes, teased her mouth softly over his, heard his slight gasp. The hand on her waist slid around to her back, pulled her closer, but still Odo didn't take what she was offering. 

“Odo, please. I need to know.”

The fingers on the back of her neck tightened, held her still, and Odo pressed his lips to hers.

He was shy at first. A little awkward, even. Her heart filled with the sweetest ache as she realized he'd probably never done this before. This was a really-really first kiss, and Kira did her best to stay calm, to not give in too far to the passion that was quickly heating her blood, to let him take his time, and to take hers.

To Kira's delight, however, the Constable was a quick study. He wasted no time at all catching up with her, his lips teasing hers mercilessly, his tongue a soft but insistent slip into her mouth. Kira wrapped her arms around him, holding him as close as she could, losing all track of time as she returned his kiss in full. 

Eventually, it was Kira who broke away first. She was breathless and shaking. She had no words. She could only lay her head on Odo's shoulder, and recover. 

“I think it's my turn to say thank you,” Odo said, wrapping his arms around her.

“No thanks necessary, Constable,” she panted. “It was my pleasure. Really.”

Odo tilted her chin up, meeting her eyes. He brushed his thumb along her jaw. “Nerys, where did this come from? What is this about?”

“The future, Odo. Yours and mine.”

“That's rather cryptic. Does it have anything to do with the woman in your quarters?”

“Yes, but that's all I can tell you for now. Ask me again in three years.”

“That's a long wait.”

“I know,” Kira replied, "but I think I know some ways to help you pass the time.” She nibbled her way up to his ear.

“Oh, good,” Odo breathed, his eyes closing. “I like to stay busy.” His eyes snapped back open. “Time...Adassa...That's what this is about, isn't it?"

“Odo, please quit asking me. I really can't tell you.”

“Fine, I won't ask. But you should know I know about the nose ridges.”


“The nose ridges. On your supposed Aunt Adassa's nose. She has the exact same nose ridges as you do.” Odo traced them, from the top and downward, his touch soft but sure, and deliberately slow. Kira's thighs quivered, and she gave a little sound of pleasure as her hips rolled into his. “I know every ridge and every line of this perfect little nose. And no Bajoran has the exact...same...pattern...as another...”

And Odo leaned in to kiss her again.



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