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Chapter Notes: This took a LOOONG time to get right.

Also, there's a line in the script for Insurrection that wasn't included in the movie, which says that Data is capable of exceeding speeds of 47 meters per second. THAT'S where I got the statistic from. And, for those of y'all who need a conversion... That's equal to about 105 miles per hour. Damn, that android's FAST!

Katina and Data left the forest and headed back to the shuttlecraft, satisfied that they had seen enough on the planet to make for a rather interesting report to the Captain. The shield was beginning to feel a little too heavy for Katina, so Data had offered to carry it. Now that it had been removed from its resting place by the right person, anyone could hold it. The same held true for the sword, though the jewels on the pommel did not shine as brightly when Data had asked to examine it. He had offered to carry the sword back to the shuttle as well, but Katina had grown rather fond of it and insisted on carrying it back. She was absentmindedly dragging the blade along the ground, leaving a little trail in the dirt as they walked.

"You will dull the blade if you continue dragging the sword like that," Data commented as they walked. Katina heeded his warning and sheathed the sword by tucking it in her belt. The sword was clearly sized for an adult, as it nearly touched the ground when sheathed, owing to Katina's small stature.

"I'm sure I know what kind of sword this is…" Katina joked, "a longsword! Get it?" She looked at Data with a very hopeful expression. There was no way anyone could NOT get this joke. "Long sword… longsword?"

Data didn't seem to get the joke. "That is why they call it a longsword, is it not?"

The hopeful look on Katina's face vanished. "Never mind," she sighed.

There was a moment of awkward silence, which Data decided to break. "Do you realize that we still have not determined the source of that odd energy pattern?" he asked.

"Maybe it was the spirits, or the powers that held the sword and shield?" Katina suggested.

"Perhaps," Data acknowledged, "We should run another scan once we get back to the shuttle."

"Will you let me fly this time?" Katina asked, hopeful once again.

Data paused a moment before replying. "Once we have reached orbit, yes," he said with a slight smile on his face, knowing this news would make Katina very happy. And he was right, because when he glanced over at Katina, she was positively beaming.

They arrived at the shuttle and deposited the shield behind the seats. Katina kept the sword in her belt. Data began scanning for the energy source using the shuttle's sensors.

"I am picking up something," he said, "But it is difficult to pinpoint from this location. We would get a much more accurate reading from orbit."

With that, they secured the doors and Data began the launch sequence, punching in commands that made the shuttle lift off from the surface.

Before they broke cloud cover though… there was a loud BANG and the shuttle rocked violently. "What the hell was that?!" Katina exclaimed, worried.

Again, another loud bang, and this time they could both see what was happening. There was a phaser cannon on the surface that they hadn't seen before, but they could certainly see it now because it was firing a bright pink beam at them.

"We are rapidly losing power," Data announced as the third shot rocked the shuttle. "Failures on multiple systems. We will not be able to control the shuttle for much longer. Brace for impact."

"Well at least we know where that energy reading was coming from now!" Katina shouted as she fumbled for the seatbelt, but couldn't get to it in time since the shuttle was now in a freefall.

The shuttle fell right out of the sky and Data did his best to make the crash as smooth as possible, but there's not much you can do when the controls are dead.


A panel blew up in Data's face, windows broke, things went flying, and Katina flew backwards out of her chair, landing facedown near where they had placed the shield. A fire started, and a piece of heavy debris landed right on Katina's leg.

"OW!" Katina screamed.

Data immediately turned around to render aid. Using his android strength, he lifted the piece of metal off of Katina and pulled her out of harm's way. There was a gash in her lower right leg, and blood was beginning to stain her pants. He took out his tricorder to see if there were any other hazards, and found that there was a radiation leak from one of the nacelles.

"There is a radiation hazard here," he explained, "You must get as far from here as possible."

"Data, I can't stand on this leg!" Katina exclaimed as she tried to get up. Data could tell from the sound of her voice that she was in a lot of pain and very scared.

"Then I will carry you," Data said. He holstered his tricorder and grabbed some medical kits with one arm, and wrapped his other arm around Katina. "Hold on to me," he ordered, and she wrapped her arms around his neck for extra support, resting her head on his shoulder. As he left the shuttle, Katina realized they were forgetting something.

"What about the shield?" she asked.

"We do not have time, and I can only carry so much with two hands," Data explained. "You have the sword, correct?"

"Yes," Katina replied, looking down at where the sword dangled from her belt. Data acknowledged Katina's reply and carried her and the medical kits away from the shuttle as fast as he could.

Once they had gotten about a kilometer away from the crash site, Data asked Katina to hold the medical kits for a moment while he got out his tricorder. He scanned the horizon to see if there were any caves or shelter nearby, and located one three miles away. Holstering the tricorder, he took the medical kits back from Katina and told her to hold on tightly, then took off for the cave at a fast but safe speed of 40 miles per hour.

"I had no clue you could run this fast!" Katina exclaimed.

"I am capable of exceeding speeds of 47 meters per second," Data explained. "I did not want to risk you losing your grip or becoming injured any further."

"You mean you can run FASTER than this? What's the rush anyway?" Katina asked.

"I have located a cave three miles in this direction," Data said, "It would be best to seek shelter there as soon as possible. The shuttle is no longer safe due to the radiation leak."

"It's getting cold out here," Katina noticed, starting to shiver a little, "and I'm starting to feel weak."

Data recognized these symptoms, since he had taken classes in emergency first aid. She was starting to lose too much blood. "Katina," he said in a stern, concerned voice, "It is imperative that you remain conscious until I am able to tend to your leg. We are almost at the cave."

About a minute or so later, they arrived, and it was all Katina could do to keep from passing out. Data entered the cave, and gently laid Katina against a boulder just inside the cave entrance.

"Can I go to sleep now?" Katina asked weakly.

"No," Data said. "I must fix your leg first. Forgive me," he apologized, as he made a tear from the cuff of Katina's pant leg up to the knee so he would be able to clean and bandage it properly. He opened one of the kits and found a medical tricorder inside. He used that to determine where and how severe the break was. He located it midway between the knee and the ankle. A clean, but complete break.

"I will need to set the bone before I can wrap up your leg," he explained, "This will be painful."

"Is it ok if I yell when it hurts?" Katina said, fighting against the pain she was already feeling.

"Why would it not be?" Data asked, utterly confused.

"Dad used to get mad at me if I made too much of a fuss when a doctor did something painful to me," Katina explained. "Besides, I wouldn't want to give away our position to whoever shot at us."

"We are sufficiently far from them," Data said. "You may yell."

"Ok, but warn me before you do it," Katina requested, "on the count of three or something."

"If you wish," Data said. He held on to Katina's leg and she made fists with both her hands, trying to brace herself for the pain. "Are you prepared?" he asked. Katina looked him in the eye and nodded, bracing herself as well as she could. "One, two, three…" He set the bone.

"OWWW!!!" Katina cried out so loud that it echoed through the cave. "You're done, right?"

"I am done," Data said, grabbing some gauze, bandages, and a dermal regenerator from the kit. He proceeded to clean the wound (which hurt, but Katina did her best not to yell like she did when the bone was set) and heal where the skin had broken. The kit also contained some pieces of stiff plastic for use in making a splint. Data took the plastic and placed it on either side of the leg before wrapping the whole thing up tightly with a bandage. He then grabbed a smaller rock that looked like it had broken off of the boulder they were next to, and placed Katina's leg on there to elevate it.

"There," he said once he had finished. "You should avoid moving that leg if at all possible."

"Thank you," Katina said, wiping the tears of pain from her eyes. "How did you know what to do?"

"All Starfleet officers are required to complete training in emergency first aid," Data explained, packing up the medical kits. "I have also studied the matter extensively, in the event of a situation where it would be required of me to use this knowledge. This will only suffice for a few days at most. It is imperative that we get you to sickbay as soon as possible, so your leg can be treated properly."

"How long do you think it's gonna be before the Enterprise gets back?" Katina asked.

"I do not know," Data replied as he closed the kit. "They were not supposed to return to this planet. We were supposed to meet them once we had finished here. When they realize we have not returned, they will come and look for us. I would expect the Enterprise to return within a day." He got up and moved around, storing the kits near the side of the larger boulder, and sat down next to Katina, leaning against the boulder.

Katina noticed something as she watched Data. He had several dark burn marks on his face and hands and a small tear in his synthetic skin on his forehead from when the console exploded and a fragment had hit him. "You're injured," Katina pointed out, "Are you ok?"

Data examined the burn marks and put his hand to the tear on his forehead. "It is only minor exterior damage," he replied, pressing the torn skin together so that it would seal itself. There wasn't much he could do about the burn marks at the time. "I am functioning within established parameters." He noticed that Katina still looked very concerned. "You do not need to worry about me," he added, "I am fine. You, however, need to rest."

Katina shifted herself around a little, in an attempt to make herself more comfortable while still keeping her broken leg on the smaller rock. But she was unwilling to rest. The events that had just occurred had really frightened her. What if those guys found them?

"Data, I'm scared," she said, scooting closer to him.

Though he didn't know much about emotion, Data had some experience dealing with scared children. He remembered Sarjenka, and Timothy, and how he had managed to comfort them when they were scared. He wrapped an arm around Katina and held her close. "It will be… ok," he said in as comforting a manner as he could. "I will protect you."

Chapter End Notes: I feel like I'm on a roll now, so I will get to work on the next part as soon as possible!

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