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Story Notes: I have undergone yet another massive name change in this fic. I've changed the planet names to something much more... grown-up. (Grown-up in the sense that they don't sound like something an 8 year old came up with.)

Chapter Notes: I HATE coming up with stardates! All stardates you see here will be 48xxx.x because I don't want to bother coming up with a specific one. The Starbase number was chosen randomly as well.

Also, to any of my friends who have read this on The Omega Sector or Fanfiction.net, I've made some MAJOR revsions. Consider this to be the TRUE version, ok?

Captain's log, Stardate 48xxx.x. We have been given a special mission to escort a young lady to a distant planet. Her grandfather is General of that planet's military and he says that he has something very important to discuss with her in person. We are under orders not to mention anything more than that to her. We are currently en route to Starbase 128 to get her.

Geordi walked to Data's quarters, since Data had not responded when Geordi tried to communicate with him using the combadge. He entered the room easily, since Data had given Geordi clearance to enter whenever he wished, and had to do his best to keep from laughing at what he saw.

Data was asleep (like Geordi had thought), and snoring lightly (which Geordi had never heard him do). His hair was a mess from tossing and turning in his sleep and he was apparently oblivious to the fact that he had gotten tangled in his sheets and fallen out of bed. He hadn't overslept or anything, since he had plenty of time before his shift began.

Geordi approached Data and shook him slightly. "Data! Wake up!" he shouted.

Data's snoring halted abruptly. His eyes opened and he looked around for the source of the noise. He turned over to see Geordi standing above him, and then took in his current surroundings. "Oh…" he said, "it would appear I have fallen out of bed again."

"Again?" Geordi asked, doing his best to hold back a laugh. "I wasn't aware you moved at all when you slept, or snored for that matter!"

"It is something I decided to implement into my sleep routine," Data explained as he untangled himself from his sheets and got up. "I noticed while we were camping on the holodeck a few weeks ago that you and Commander Riker both toss and turn in your sleep, as well as snore. I decided to implement those behaviors so it would appear that I am asleep instead of deactivated."

"Looks like it needs some work," Geordi chuckled. "You got bed head, by the way," he added, pointing out Data's messy hair.

Data ran his fingers through his hair in an attempt to flatten it, but then decided combing would be more efficient. He walked over to his mirror, grabbed a comb, and then proceeded to comb his hair into its usual neat style.

"So… I snore?" Geordi asked, remembering what Data had said about that earlier.

"Yes," Data stated, continuing to comb his hair, "though not nearly as loud as Commander Riker does."

Geordi laughed. Data just couldn't help being completely honest with anyone about anything.

Data finished combing his hair and straightened his uniform with a move that reminded Geordi a lot of Captain Picard. He checked himself in the mirror one more time before turning to face Geordi. "Is there something you needed to see me about?" he asked. "Surely we are not at the Starbase yet?"

"Ah yeah, there's been a change in plans I needed to talk to you about," Geordi remembered. "Apparently we're taking a shuttlecraft to the Starbase instead of beaming over. The captain doesn't want to waste time docking and undocking since we visited a Starbase for repairs and resupply earlier, and apparently our guest doesn't like transporters. We depart in thirty minutes. And it's your turn to pilot."

"Very well," Data nodded. "I will meet you and Commander Riker in the shuttlebay then."

"Alright," Geordi said. "See you in thirty minutes." He left Data's quarters and headed for engineering to make sure things were all good before he left.

Twenty-five minutes later (precisely), Data arrived in the shuttlebay. He'd made a habit of being very punctual, if not early. The lieutenant who was currently in charge of the shuttlebay told Data which shuttle they'd be taking. Riker and Geordi arrived a few minutes later.

"Will she be waiting for us at the docking bay?" Geordi asked Riker.

"She should be," he replied. "If not, she should at least be nearby."

"And do we know how to identify her?" Geordi asked to anyone who could answer.

"I have examined her profile," Data replied. "I will be able to identify her."

"Good. Shotgun!" Geordi called out, and sat in the front passenger seat of the shuttlecraft while Data took the pilot's seat. Riker sat behind them. Data began standard procedures for leaving the shuttlebay and they were on their way.

A few uneventful moments later and they were docking at the Starbase. Data followed standard procedure the whole time, not skipping one detail. They disembarked and went to go find their guest.

"So what does she look like?" Geordi asked.

"She is 15 years old, approximately 5 feet, 2 inches tall, and has short light brown hair and blue eyes," Data recited, recalling her profile.

"Shouldn't be too hard to find," Geordi remarked sarcastically.

They searched the area for a moment when Riker (being the tallest and able to see over most of the crowd) spotted her. "Is that her?" he asked Data, pointing at a young girl who fit the description.

"I believe so," Data replied. The three of them approached her.

"Are you Katina Star?" Riker asked.

"Yes I am," she said, turning around to face the officers. "Who are you?"

"I'm Commander William Riker, first officer of the Enterprise," Riker replied. "This is my second officer, Lt. Commander Data and Chief Engineer Geordi LaForge," he added, pointing to each officer respectively.

"Hi," she greeted them. "I have to say," she continued, looking up at Data, "your name's pretty strange. You certainly LOOK strange enough…"

"I am an android," Data explained.

"Ah, I guess your name fits perfectly then!" Katina exclaimed. "Your creator must've been very clever to come up with that!" She turned to face Riker. "So, why are you guys here?"

"Your grandfather, General Klopford, sent us to get you," Riker explained. "He says he needs to talk to you about something."

"Ah, so you're the guys my grandpa sent! And Starfleet approved this?" Katina asked, "Noz is REALLY far from here. It'd take a month or so at average warp speeds to get there."

"It was Starfleet who gave us the order," Riker said. "Your grandfather asked them to send a ship to get you and we were the closest."

"If he wanted to talk to me that bad he could've sent a subspace message or something…" Katina sighed.

"He seemed rather insistent that he speak to you in person," Riker said.

Katina sighed. "Fine then, just let me go get my things. I'm already packed. Gotta let dad know I'm leaving now."

She walked towards the guest quarters of the Starbase and entered a room, and came out a few minutes later with a small backpack and a duffel bag. Her dad followed her out with a sad expression on his face. He would clearly miss his daughter.

"Dad!" Katina exclaimed, trying to remove herself from her dad's crushing hug. "I'm just going to visit Grandpa Klopford, it's not like you'll never see me again!"

"I know, sweetie," he replied. "Just promise you'll send me messages from the ship, ok? And let me know when you get there."

"Alright, alright," Katina sighed.

"You guys will take care of her, right?" he asked Riker, who had just gotten there with Data and Geordi. "Make sure she doesn't get into any trouble?"

"She'll be fine with us," Riker said. "Starfleet's not sending us on any excessively dangerous missions while she's in our custody."

"Good," Katina's dad replied. "And you BEHAVE YOURSELF, alright?"

"Don't I always?" Katina smirked.

Katina's dad gave her another huge hug and was very reluctant to let go, but he had to. They all said goodbye and Katina followed the three officers to where the shuttlecraft was docked.

"Geez, it's almost like he wasn't going to see me again or something," Katina remarked. "He's been very protective of me since mom died."

"Your mom's dead?" Geordi asked.

"Yeah, she died while giving birth to me," Katina explained, "so I never knew her, even though everyone says I look and act almost exactly like her."

"So your dad's always been protective, right?" Geordi asked.

"Yeah pretty much," Katina said. They all got in the shuttlecraft. Katina sat behind Geordi while Riker sat behind Data. Once everything was settled, Data began procedures for leaving the docking bay, again not missing a single detail.

One uneventful trip later, they docked with the Enterprise. Captain Picard was waiting for them in the shuttlebay. They all got out and approached him.

"You must be Katina Star," he said, noticing Katina. "I am Captain Picard. Welcome to the Enterprise."

"Thank you sir," she said, shaking his hand.

"Very well," Picard acknowledged, "Mr. Data, please show Katina to her quarters."

"Yes sir," Data nodded. He turned to face Katina. "If you would follow me," he said, then they both left the shuttlebay.

Chapter End Notes: Whee! Here we go again, posting a revised version of this fic for a whole new audience to read! I hope y'all like it! *gets busy posting the other chapters*

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