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Summary: A crossover between Star Trek: TNG and the original story idea I have for a video game I'd like to create someday (with a few references to other video games just for fun).

The Enterprise-D has been asked to transport 15 year old Katina Star, the granddaughter of Noznian Military General John Klopford, to the home base on the planet Noz, where her grandfather wishes to inform her that she will succeed him as General of the Noznian Military due to her uncle's mysterious disappearance. While on the Enterprise, she forms friendships with many of the crew, in particular a certain android.

Set sometime between All Good Things and Generations.
Rated: K
Categories: Next Generation Characters: Data
Genre: Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Friendship, General
Warnings: Violence
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Published: 06 Mar 2009 Updated: 16 Apr 2009
Story Notes:
I have undergone yet another massive name change in this fic. I've changed the planet names to something much more... grown-up. (Grown-up in the sense that they don't sound like something an 8 year old came up with.)

1. The Departure by ProudNerd [Reviews - 1] (1497 words)
I HATE coming up with stardates! All stardates you see here will be 48xxx.x because I don't want to bother coming up with a specific one. The Starbase number was chosen randomly as well.

Also, to any of my friends who have read this on The Omega Sector or Fanfiction.net, I've made some MAJOR revsions. Consider this to be the TRUE version, ok?

2. The Future General by ProudNerd [Reviews - 0] (2381 words)
Anything you recognize from Custom Robo or Starfox is (c) Nintendo. Don't sue, I just thought it would be AWESOME to reference them.

Also, the holocube... Y'all remember that cube-looking thing they stored Moriarty's program on in "Ship in a Bottle?" That's basically what the cube is supposed to be... just a storage device for large programs.

3. Android Flu, part 1 by ProudNerd [Reviews - 0] (1366 words)
The idea to have a computer virus came from watching "Contagion," which is an AWESOME episode!

4. Android Flu, part 2 by ProudNerd [Reviews - 0] (2649 words)

5. A Strong Feeling by ProudNerd [Reviews - 0] (1942 words)

6. The Spirit Charge by ProudNerd [Reviews - 0] (2226 words)
Hokay, this is where that "fantasy" genre tag really comes in. This may start to drift a little far from the realm of sci-fi but hey, you've been warned. And I assure you this is probably as weird as it gets. At least it's entertaining, right?

Also, there's an illustration that goes with this chapter, but I haven't finished redrawing it on the computer yet.

7. Meanwhile... by ProudNerd [Reviews - 0] (992 words)
I guess you could kinda call this Chapter 6.5... and HERE is where the Starfox references make their main appearance!

8. The Attack by ProudNerd [Reviews - 0] (2027 words)
This took a LOOONG time to get right.

Also, there's a line in the script for Insurrection that wasn't included in the movie, which says that Data is capable of exceeding speeds of 47 meters per second. THAT'S where I got the statistic from. And, for those of y'all who need a conversion... That's equal to about 105 miles per hour. Damn, that android's FAST!

9. Ambush! by ProudNerd [Reviews - 0] (1231 words)
Finally! It's here! The big dramatic fight scene chapter! :P