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"A Future of Peace?" is not so much a story as it is a collection. It contains the first five ficlets I wrote for the Eleventh Fleet's base of operations, Sanctuary. Formerly known as Empok Nor, this space station would become home to a mixed crew of Starfleet and Cardassian officers as part of a joint effort to revitalize and rebuild the Cardassian Union. These shorts here are but a glimpse into the challenging mission ahead for all involved. 

Rated: T
Categories: Expanded Universes Characters: None
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama
Warnings: Adult Language
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Series: Between the Stars Universe
Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
Word count: 7359 Read: 8632
Published: 20 Jul 2014 Updated: 20 Jul 2014

1. Peace Offering by CamSPD [Reviews - 1] (185 words)

Vice Admiral Tattok and Captain Synnove Natale discuss the Federation's newest project ... and Natale's part in it.

2. Sanctuary by CamSPD [Reviews - 2] (3042 words)

Captain Natale and some of her crew arrive at their new assignment, where a surprise awaits...

3. Frenemies by CamSPD [Reviews - 2] (1221 words)

The first staff meeting is fraught with tension...

4. The First Volley by CamSPD [Reviews - 2] (1441 words)

Natale and Kirek square off for the first time ... but definitely not the last.

5. Frustration by CamSPD [Reviews - 2] (1470 words)

Natale records a few logs detailing some of the troubles she's faced as Sanctuary's commander.