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Prime Universe
Corner of Enne Street and Dary Street
Fep City, Lafa II, Lafa System

The judges had finished their tastings and Naurr stood patiently waiting for their judgments on his dishes. 

He saw Doug Beckett give him a reassuring wink. “Well, that was a good sign, wasn’t it?” Naurr quietly asked Philippe. 

“Mate, I wouldn’t worry about his vote,” replied Philippe. 

“Given the speed which those dish were eaten, and the fact that your sister is still licking her paws, I think you’ve got two of the three species’ votes sewn up,” whispered Cassandra. 

“That is kind of you to say, but in truth the Calafan vote is the one I’m worried about, as I don’t know how to judge the Priestess and her daughter’s reactions,” admitted Naurr. 

“Well the only person who might know that is Lili, and she keeping things close to her chest,” said Philippe. 

“Won’t that be sore on her mammary glands?” inquired Naurr. 

“Figuratively, Naurr not literally,” said Cassandra. 

Savio stepped forward and quietly asked the judges, “Are you were ready to reveal your opinions on the food?” 

They looked between each other and Doug gave a quick thumbs-up. 

Savio reactivated the video link and said into his amplifying device, “Welcome back to Reversal, it’s the moment of truth for Naurr’s cooking. Let’s go to our judges for their views…” 

Naurr’s ears pricked up as he heard the hum of a transporter and he saw the light form around Lili but before he could react, he felt he was also engulfed in light and being sent … somewhere. 


Mirror Universe

Naurr found himself standing next to Lili. She was standing next to a chair in a primary-colored room. On the wall, there hung a red flag showing a gold sword through a planet that Naurr felt he should have recognized. 

“Naurr, what just happened?” asked Lili. 

“I don’t know, but it seems to be like the Ariane’s transporter. But this clearly isn’t the transporter chamber on the Ariane,” said Naurr. 

“So we’ve being abducted, then?” said Lili. 

“If that means the same as being kidnapped then I do agree with you,” said Naurr. 

Lili saw the flag on the wall and her jaw dropped. “Oh dear, the Terran Empire,” Lili whispered. “This is not good.” 

“The Terran Empire? Who are they?” asked Naurr. 

“The Terrans are the night time universe version of humanity. This twisted empire is where my husband Doug escaped from,” explained Lili. “He never wanted me to come here.” 

“Does that knowledge help us?” asked Naurr. 

“Beyond the fact that we need to get escape as soon as possible, not really,” admitted Lili. 

Naurr’s ears perked up and suddenly he turned and opened a door to an inner chamber. Inside he found an old grey-haired woman in a dirty chef’s whites and his best but older mate, Philippe, standing outside a booth. 

“Chef Philippe?” asked Naurr. 

“Captain Erika Hernandez?” asked Lili. 

“Major Nahuel!” exclaimed Erika.


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