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A view of Chapel, on her first day aboard the Enterprise, through the eyes of the seven main characters in TOS.

This will serve as a companion piece to my story "One Small Step," which details Chapel's first day as a member of the crew of the Enterprise.

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Rated: K
Categories: Original Series Characters: Chapel, Christine, Chekov, Pavel, Kirk, James T., McCoy, Leonard (Bones), Scott, Montgomery (Scotty), Spock, Sulu, Hikaru, Uhura, Nyota
Genre: Friendship, General
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Published: 19 May 2014 Updated: 24 May 2014

1. Kirk by Lil black dog [Reviews - 20] (490 words)

2. Spock by Lil black dog [Reviews - 15] (427 words)

This ficlet ties into my story 'For the First Time' as well, but it's not necessary to read that one for this to make sense...I hope.

3. McCoy by Lil black dog [Reviews - 14] (500 words)

And here's McCoy's section.  Hopefully it lives up to all the hype...

4. Scotty by Lil black dog [Reviews - 12] (470 words)

A look at the softer, and chivalrous, side of Montgomery Scott.

5. Sulu by Lil black dog [Reviews - 12] (499 words)

We all knew that one day Sulu’s hobbies were going to come back to haunt him…

6. Uhura by Lil black dog [Reviews - 13] (489 words)

My take on this is that the two women had a connection that went well beyond a simple nurse/patient relationship in the TOS episode ‘The Changeling’ IMHO.

7. Chekov by Lil black dog [Reviews - 10] (497 words)

Two newly-assigned crewmen discover they have more in common than they thought.