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Summary: people die, worlds change, but an empire remains an empire

These ficlets essentially are the bones of what will become the sequel to "The Moon Is Red" which itself details the rise of the Terran Empire.
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Published: 18 May 2014 Updated: 22 May 2014
Story Notes:
Ficlet#1, Triskelion 2014 (Martinsburg)
Ficlet#4, Triskelion 2014 (ISS Enterprise) Ficlet#6 2014 (Nobel)

1. Martinsburg by Mackenzie Calhoun [Reviews - 12] (360 words)

2. ISS Enterprise ICVN-65 by Mackenzie Calhoun [Reviews - 12] (452 words)
*Imperial Carrier Vehicle Nuclear

3. Nobel Peace Prize, 1995 by Mackenzie Calhoun [Reviews - 13] (436 words)