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In 2385, Danny Scott has gone insane. Or as close to it as you can be without receiving an official diagnosis. Locked up for months in a Federation funny farm, he’s had his fill of tests, poking and prodding. The universe has changed and no one has any idea except him. Things are wrong and the answers aren’t in his less-than-comfortable room.

It’s time to hit the road and get answers. These are the continuing adventures of Danny Scott as he engineers his escape and searches the universe for answers. Whether they’re answers he’ll like is another matter entirely.

Written for the 2014 TToT Ficlet Flashdance Challenge


Rated: K+
Categories: Expanded Universes Characters: Scott, Danny
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Humor, Mystery
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 7 Completed: Yes
Word count: 3440 Read: 5009
Published: 18 May 2014 Updated: 24 May 2014

1. Exit, Stage Left by trekfan [Reviews - 15] (488 words)

2. Home is Where the Crazies Aren't by trekfan [Reviews - 12] (495 words)

3. He Who Shall Not Be Named (But is Anyway) by trekfan [Reviews - 12] (493 words)

4. What Had Happened Was ... by trekfan [Reviews - 12] (481 words)

5. Breaking and Entering by trekfan [Reviews - 11] (495 words)

6. Hailing Frequencies Open by trekfan [Reviews - 12] (492 words)

7. It'll All Pan Out by trekfan [Reviews - 12] (496 words)

The beginning of this story takes place immediately after A Piece of Home. It's the same brownie pan.