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Chapter Notes: Thanks again to LBD for Beta check help.
The conclusion (Day 7) part of my TToT 2014 ficlets.


Captain Tavik would never have admitted to such a human emotion as pride but as he watched the Undine cruiser die from a volley of torpedoes from Atlantis, he felt it was proof of his logical approach to his crew that they all performed so well. He also saw that while they were down to the last Undine vessel, none of the five Federation ships under his command could intercept the enemy vessel till after it reached the Federation Colony of Anastasiastad.

Thus he gave the only logic command left to him. “Inform the Boadicea and Prometheus to join us in intercepting that battle cruiser, and tell the Endeavour and the Republic to concentrate on their repairs.”


Jolene ‘Blue’ Lallason finished zipping up her swimsuit, and took the underwater rifle from one of her security guards and stepped on to the transporter pad.

She did one last look around the transporter room; she had four of her red-shirts in their swimsuits with the Xindi-aquatic design underwater rifles and rebreathers. She said to them: “Thanks for volunteering for this mission. We are about to use the Ganges and Anastasiastad satellites to beam directly on to the Undine ship. You are authorised to fire freely. Remember, damaging the ship is key, and without our warp core this is a one-way trip.” Then she said to the transporter chief, “Okay Chief, energize when I give you the thumbs up, everybody rebeathers in.”

Jolene and her team slipped their rebreathers in and with a final check round she gave the thumbs up and felt herself disappear into the transporter beam.


Torla wiped the green blood away from her eyes as she surveyed the ruined reef and said to her crew via intercom, “Yes we’ve neutered this facility. Let’s get back to our Republic.”


Emmylou awoke to find a dead Undine right in front of her. As she sat upright she also saw her XO Senezqu learning against a nearby wall; he wasn’t looking too good. Seeing her, he weakly said, “I’m sorry to say I fear the station has fallen; we’ve no support, no weapons and no medicine.”

Emmylou replied, “We’re not finished yet Senezqu, we’ve got to survive. If my memory serves the original station builders’ status pods are nearby and are self-powered. Let’s try and get you and Jalke’i to them.”

“Yes Admiral,” replied Senezqu.


Captain Tavik couldn’t believe his eyes as the large Undine vessel came to a complete stop.

“Captain, I’ve detected an away team from the Endeavour on the enemy vessel. They’ve somehow managed to cripple it,” said the Bolian at Ops.

“Beam them out and then inform all ships to fire weapons at the Undine.”

It might not have being logical but Tavik did secretly enjoying watching the torpedoes blow up the last enemy vessel.


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