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Chapter Notes: Day 6 of the TTOT 2014.
Thanks LBD for your Beta help. Early version errors corrected.


Unable to get through to Main Engineering due to the Undine forces on the station and corridors blocked with rubble, Senezqu and Reqknor had diverted to the Station Medical Bay to seek aid for Jalke’i and the Admiral Galyaski but upon their arrival, both wished they hadn’t bothered.

The medical bay looked like a morgue, with broken bodies and smashed bio-bed and shattered cabinets. Indeed the only person they found alive was a junior Rigellian doctor, who looked like a shell-shocked butcher from all the various blood stains on her costume.

“Situation report Doctor,” requested Senezqu.

The junior doctor just looked blankly at Senezqu.

So Senezqu tried again. “Lieutenant, please give me a medical update.”

She looked quizzically at the Sauron Commander and then she said, “An Undine Warrior just overran sickbay and killed Doctor Chamze, his medical team and all the patients.”

He was just about to ask for clarification when the junior doctor did a twisted smile and said, “Then it killed you.”

Senezqu and Reqknor looked at each other and Reqknor replied, “We’re not dead.”

The Rigellian laughed and said, “All the un-pure are dead here, you’re just not smart enough to know it.”

Senezqu and Reqknor started to back away but the doctor’s features started to warp.

“O great, an Undine infiltrator,” said Senezqu. He turned to Reqknor and asked, “Mister Reqknor, I don’t suppose you’ve got anything that would help right now?”

“Commander Senezqu, all I’ve got on me is an unconscious Admiral, a pack of mints and a razor sharp wit,” answered Reqknor.

“I don’t think using an unconscious superior office as a club is a good idea, I’m not sure what use the mints are and I hate to tell you that your wit isn’t sharp,” replied Senezqu.

The Undine creature loomed over them.

“I could try to choke it with the mints,” replied Reqknor.

“Retreat,” ordered Senezqu.

The two officers turned to run, lumping their colleagues over their shoulders once more; both of them could feel the deck shake as the Undine started to chase after them.

“Reqknor, for the records you’re free to try and choke the enemy with your mints if the opportunity presents itself. All that will achieve is make us the only two Starfleet officers ever killed by an Undine with minty fresh breath.”

“Commander, permission to hope it has an severe allergy to spearmint then?” asked Reqknor.

Before Senezqu could reply, the Undine caught Reqknor across the back with its venomous claws and the Xindi dropped the admiral and crashed to the floor dead with a single, final scream.

“You don’t even have the mints now,” mocked the Undine.

As the Undine closed upon him Senezqu accepted today was a good day to die and turned to face his foe. the Undine. He would die as a Starfleet officer, not as prey.


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