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Chapter Notes: Again Big Thanks to LBD for the Beta Check.

USS Endeavour

Jolene ‘Blue’ Lallason was grateful for her seat belt as another Undine hit shook her ship under her.

“We have hull breaches on decks two through six and deck twelve is completely depressurised, but our emergency bulkheads are holding for now,” reported Lieutenant Loket.

“They won’t hold for much longer if we don’t...” Jolene didn’t get to finish that sentence as another shot hit home.

The bridge light switched over to the emergency circuit but Jolene knew what that meant; it only took a moment for Loket to confirm it. “We’ve lost main warp power, we’re now on emergency batteries.”

USS Boadicea

Jolene ‘Red’ Lallason, saw on her view screen the Endeavour’s warp nacelle go dark and the ship starting to list. Jolene gave a fresh order: “Autumn, keep us clear of the Endeavour and try to draw the Undine fire away but I’d prefer if we didn’t take another direct shot from that Undine ship.”

“Captain, the USS Atlantis has affected her repairs and is back in the fight,” said T’lara.

As if to empathise that comment a pair of torpedoes crossed the view screen and crashed into the enemy cruiser, knocking it away from the Endeavour.

“So it’s once more two on two, well I’ll take those odds. Autumn, put us in position above the Atlantis’ damaged port section. Ivarev, focus our weapon fire upon the same targets as the Atlantis. Let’s hope we can finish that cruiser before its big sibling finishes destroying Ganges, and if we’re lucky the Endeavour will be able to re-join us soon.”

“Aye Captain,” came their replies.

“Captain, the battle cruiser has broken off from its attack on Ganges and is now heading towards the Anastasiastad Colony,” said T’lara from her science station.

“It never rains, it just pours here,” said Jolene darkly.

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