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Chapter Notes: Again Thanks LBD for your Beta Check.

Fluidic Space
Ketcheleb Commanders Office

Commander Torla watched as a Haakona class warbird and a smaller Tulwar class warbird flew alongside her re-fit D’deridex as they went deeper into Fluidic space, the Undine home realm, in search of the strange coral reef like structures where the Undine dreaded planet killers were supposedly being grown.

Torla had seen the latest intelligence reports just before her task force had crossed over into this strange realm. Already Earth, Qo’nos, Fereginar, Gorn, Andoria, Telar and Cardassia had repelled at least two attacks by the Undine, and many other worlds were being seized or destroyed.

It made sense for the Romulan Republic to try help their Federation and Klingon benefactors to cut the supply of the planet killer ships off at the source, before they decided to attack the Romulan Republic worlds. Hence why she had agreed to lead this mission.

Torla didn’t like Fluidic space, since her ship’s main advantage, the legendary Romulan cloaking device, was useless here. Even if the Undine couldn’t detect the ships directly they would detect the ripples of the ship’s movement through the strange liquid that fill this void. She wished she had more ships at her disposal but the Republic fleet was spread thin and she would have to make do with the three ships she had.

Torla could feel the crew’s nerves, despite the Ketcheleb now being a Romulan Republic Ship and in theory free of the dreaded Tal Shir security services. The fact remained that they still had their agents onboard somewhere, working against the civilizations of the Alpha and Beta quadrant for their new masters.

Suddenly she saw an incoming message from the Commander of the Tulwar: coral nest detected at bearing 27 degrees to port.

Torla looked at the visual feed and the scientist in her was intrigued at the ship’s egg sacks. The baby bio-ships were growing here but now wasn’t the time for that side of her. So with her rage focused she sent the code command to attack and destroy the enemy facility completely.

‘From under the raptor wings feel the raptor claws’


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