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USS Boadicea Bridge

Captain Jolene ‘Red’ Lallason looked at the view screen and tried to make sense of the sight before her.

Her alternative sister Constellation, USS Endeavour, had just unleashed a hailstorm of phaser fire upon the Undine ship and with the enemy’s shields already knocked down, each of the hundreds of small phaser hits must have felt like being eaten alive by mosquitoes to the Undine bio-ship.

“Mister Ivarev. Torpedo away.”

The Andorian officer quickly executed the order and Jolene watched as the photon torpedo sneaked across the screen from the top right and delivered the coup de grace upon the enemy vessel.

“Good shot,” said Jolene.

“Captain,” said T’lara, the female Vulcan science officer, “sensors indicate that one of the Undine vessels is devastating the Ganges Starbase. I believe the command deck armour will fail immediately.”

“Kotei, hail the USS Endeavour and ask them to stay on our wing, Autumn take us towards the USS Atlantis. Let’s see if we can help get them back in this fight, because without either their or the station’s fire power we are not going to take down that battle cruiser,” said Jolene.

USS Ganges Command Deck.

“Thank you,” groaned Commander Senezqu as Reqknor lifted the fallen girder off him.

“No time for pleasantries Commander, the hull is already starting to buckle. I’m amazed it hasn’t gone already,” said Reqknor.

Senezqu looked around at the ruined command deck and had to agree with the Xindi-Reptillian; it was a miracle that they weren’t dead already, as he saw a lot of death.

There was a loud screech of metal and something popped. The sound of atmosphere escaping was all too obvious.

“Abandon the command deck, regroup at main engineering!” ordered Senezqu.

“I’ll get the Admiral,” said Reqknor as he rushed over to the limp form of Admiral Galyaski under another fallen roof panel.

Senezqu, with no one else to command, made his way over the rubble, trying to reach the exit. He nearly tripped over Ensign Jalke’i‘s prone form. He quickly checked to see if she was alive. Despite some clearly severe injuries Jalke’i made a soft groan as he touched her. Senezqu picked her up and put her over his shoulder and resumed his route to the exit.

“Sorry about this Ensign, just don’t die till I can find you medical assistance,” said Senezqu.

There was a loud thud and for a moment Senezqu feared he was dead, but then Reqknor shouted,
“I’ve got the Admiral free.”

Senezqu looked back and saw that Reqknor now hoisted the Admiral over his shoulders. Senezqu couldn’t help noticing all the red human blood over Reqknor, but what caught his attention, out the bay window, was the little dot of an Undine ship returning for a second shot.

“Move it, that Undine’s coming back around,” said Senezqu.

Reqknor cursed and joined Senezqu, running for the door.

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