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Chapter Notes: Big Thanks to LBD for the check.

USS Ganges Command Deck

Emmylou watched as the burning hull of the USS Justine rammed into the Undine Planet Killer and shielded her eyes as its warp core detonated in a huge explosion that destroyed the monstrous vessel along with the old Ambassador Class.

Emmylou noticed the lack of cheers from her officers; they had learnt from the early attack that while killing the Planet Killer was key to winning the battle, it wasn’t won till the other Undine ships were all destroyed.

“Reqknor, make sure you’ve cleared a bay for any Justine escape pods that got away,” Emmylou ordered.

“Already clearing Landing Pad Two and, Hangar Three is ready to receive them. The medical teams are on standby,” replied Reqknor.

“Admiral, message from Lieutenant Gordris: the marines guarding reactor four are struggling to contain the Undine Borders,” reported Commander Senezqu.

“Jalke’i, contact the damaged ship in our docks and see if they can spare anyone else to help reinforce the marines at Reactor Four. Flag it as a priority request,” said Emmylou.

“At once Admiral,” Jalke’i responded.

It pained Emmylou greatly not to just grab a phaser rifle and rush down there to help but she knew she was a little too old for that and besides, her place was here.

The Command Deck fell into near silence as Emmylou had no new orders to issue and her officers had nothing new to report about the raging battle outside. Emmylou turned her attention to the tactical display and accepted that this battle was starting to tip in the favor of the Undine.

“Jalke’i, contact both of our Captains Lallasons and tell them to bring their obsolete ships out from the planet’s shadow. We are going to need their weapons,” said Emmylou.

Surprise crossed Jalke’i face but like a good officer, she rely the order.
Emmylou had wanted to keep the time lost ships and their crews out of this battle but she knew right now she need every weapon she had at her disposal firing at the Undine.

Within moments the Miranda class and alternative Constitution class emerged from the sensor black spot in the planets shadow they were briefly illuminative by the dancing pale light of the local Moon’s as they and head towards the nearest Undine Cruiser.

That Undine ship responded to the new threat by peeled away from the damaged Galaxy Class USS Atlantis it had been hammering and went after the two new targets.

“Admiral, reactor four has gone off line, we no longer have shield or weapons on our starboard side,” reported Reqknor.

“We’ve an Undine Battle cruiser starting to do an run on the starboard side, none of our ships are available to intercept,” reported Senezqu.

“Try to use the tractor beam to throw it off course,” Emmylou responded.

“It’s having no impact,” report Reqknor before adding “Undine ship is preparing to fire on the Station.”

“Brace for Impact!” shouted Emmylou.


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