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Story Notes: For the 12 Trials of Triskelion 2014 here are my Ficlet Flashdance challenge Entries.

Chapter Notes:

Space Station USS Ganges braces for another Undine Attack.

2410 Prime verse
USS Ganges Command Deck

“Admiral! We’ve just picked up another wave of Undine ships inbound. I can confirm there is yet another Planet Killer vessel in their midst,” called out Commander Senezqu from the USS Ganges tactical station.

Admiral Emmylou Galyaski ordered, “Red Alert! Re-transmit the all frequency distress call message, asking for assistance from any Federation or Romulan ally ships within range.”

“Admiral," said Jalke’i from her station. "I can now confirm our distress call has being re-sent.” 

“Jalke’i, confirm to the various ship captains we’re going to use the same tactics as last time," said Emmylou. "They’re to take down the planet killer ASAP, while we use the station's heavy weapons to try and keep the other Undine ships off their backs.” 

Jalke’i fingers rapidly tapped out the order to the small flotilla of Federation ships guarding the station after the last two waves of Undine attacks.

Her station beeped in acknowledgement of incoming messages. Jalke’i quickly read them and then reported aloud, “All ships have reported confirmation of their orders, Admiral.”

“I can confirm the Undine ships are in the same formation as last time but our station shields are only back up to 82% of maximum strength,” said Reqknor.

“Okay inform Lieutenant Gordris' security teams and the station marines to stand ready to repeal Undine borders again,” Galyaski ordered before adding, “Okay everybody, let's do this dance with the Undine by the pale moonlight again.”


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