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Summary: Chapters will be individual tales...
Rated: T
Categories: Next Generation, Expanded Universes Characters: Riker, Cassidy, Riker, William
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Adult Language
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Chapters: 2 Completed: No
Word count: 2801 Read: 3354
Published: 03 Apr 2014 Updated: 04 Apr 2014
Story Notes:
I think this started off as a response to a challenge? Maybe from a couple of years ago? I found the first paragraph of three different stories in my word processor that began with this phrase. I decided to finish them up.

1. If I Could Do it All Over Again? Wm. T. Riker by Terilynn [Reviews - 2] (990 words)
Riker gets the question from his friend in Starfleet Intelligence.

2. If I Could Do it All Over Again? Beth Riker by Terilynn [Reviews - 1] (1811 words)
Beth gets analyzed