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Story Notes: A Stuff The Stocking 2013 gift for SLWalker.

Written DEITDJW back in August 2013 my attempt at a little story inspired by the previous photos posted in the AOTW Forum on the 19 August 2013 at 22:30 (bottom of page 2) and 15 September 2013 05:55 photograph.

Tidy up and made presentable thanks to Lil Black Dog Beta Readering skills

Montgomery Scott stood on the seafront street. He looked across the small private bay at his little boat. The early morning fog was heavy and so beyond it all he could see was a couple of boats gently bobbing up and down in the placid rippling of the low tide. The little harbour at the moment was essentially empty. He got up early and left his best friend Corry and the man’s family sleeping.

After yesterday he needed a distraction and continued the refurbishment of the little boat he bought as his retirement present to himself. It was a medium-sized engineering project to fill his new free leisure time and had seemed the ideal present. Certainly Abby and Corry had thought so; perhaps they feared what he would be like without a project to distract him. While Abby had liked his coffee machines for being better than commercially available ones, she said enough was enough and had recently given their oldest daughter Allie the latest coffee machine--the mark sixteen--as a housewarming gift.

Scotty understood that with Allie now at college Corry and Abby wanted a bit of time to themselves. While Scotty was practically family to them, he could understand that they wanted him out from under their feet during the day.

He could see his little boat called the Mira’s Memory, named after the sweet memory of an old flame from his USS Enterprise days, Mira Romaine. He sometimes felt she was the one of two who had gotten away. The thoughts of the Enterprise brought back yesterday’s events on the USS Enterprise-B and the pain stabbed at his heart. Scotty only knew two ways to deal with this level of pain and that was engineering or drinking. It was too early for drinking so he picked up his tool bag and set off for the Mira’s Memory.


Scotty was pleased with his efforts on the Mira’s Memory refurbishment. He had enjoyed a productive morning; since he had managed to finish his work on the engine it now purred like a kitten. He even managed to strip the last of the unwanted fixtures and had managed to dispose of them to the local scrap merchant.

So currently he sat on his little boat, having just finished his small lunch and washed it all down with a little dram of whiskey. He was feeling a little tired and so went below deck and found himself a bench inside the cabin and laid back his head for a quick forty winks. Before he knew it he was fast asleep and dreaming.

He dreamed he was back in the Bristol of his youth and that it was night. Scotty was walking home after a night on the town, singing an old Academy shanty as he staggered, but he stopped as he found himself alone at the bottom of the hill on a road he didn’t recognize. All the buildings were dark bar the farthest one, where the road started to rise up the hill. That one had an upstairs light on that cast an orange glow out onto the adjacent street. He thought he saw a woman silhouetted at the window but on closer inspection he must have imagined it since it was just a lit room. Yet something like a siren called him to that house. So in a stagger he made his way to the house. Some small part of his mind rejected the logic and reason for doing this and yet still he dreamed that he was knocking on the door of this strange house in the small hours of the night.

The door was answered by the woman’s silhouette, which opened the door and beckoned him in. Scotty thanked the silhouette and followed it up the stairs to the lit room. There he found the owner of the silhouette on the bed and his jaw dropped.

“Cait Barry?” he asked.

His former boss rolled over to face him and looking over her romance novel with a smile he didn’t recall her ever using replied, “Yes Montgomery.”

Scotty stared at Cait, unsure of what to say and do next. Cait responded by laughing and then she stood up, revealing her nightdress and a bit more besides. That she was really a harpy was something that didn’t surprise Scotty as much as he might have expected it to.

“Even retired you can’t stop, can you?” she asked him.

“Ma’am?” asked Scotty, very confused and looking her directly in the eye to avoid her unclothed state.

“Scotty, you retired and you’re mourning a captain and a friend. Don’t you think engineering should take the day off?” she asked him.

“No, it’s how I’ve always relaxed,” he answered honestly.

Her only response was to shake her head and run a taloned hand over her face.

“What’s wrong with that?” demanded Scotty.

As the harpy dropped its clawed hand he found himself looking at Number One and not Cait Barry.

“Nothing Mister Scott, it is quite a logical response to Kirk’s death to hide away in engineering,” she said.

“I’m not hiding; I’m in full public view working on my boat,” answered Scotty.

“Yes but you’re not in San Francisco where a lot of your friends are gathering for a wake,” she replied.

“I don’t like wakes,” he informed her.

“Is it you don’t like wakes? Or the fact that you’re feeling guilty you couldn’t re-route deflector control and so Kirk had to go down to Engineering to face his death?” she asked.

“No, I did all I could have done,” he replied.

Number One just raised her eyebrows.

“I did all I could. James Tiberius Kirk went down fittingly as a hero saving others and a ship named Enterprise,” stated Scotty.

Scotty sat bolt upright and realized it had just been a dream. He stared at the ceiling of his cabin for a while, wondering why his dream mind had produced for him that little scene of two women that he not seen in years.

“Must have been that cheese,” he said aloud.

Then Scotty checked his watch. When he saw that it was coming up to three pm he pulled out his personal communicator to see if Corry and Abby had tried to call him but instead he saw a long list of missed messages from old crewmates, some he was surprised even had his contact details. He noted each of them and decided he would called all of them back, after all he knew Mira’s Memory would wait another day, but he had to collect a bottle of scotch and attend Kirk’s memorial by going to the wake this evening.

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