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Lili O’Day stood in Captain Archer’s quarters and saw a small ripple appear in the air, shimmering. She held her arms out and caught Porthos, who flew in, seemingly from nowhere. She staggered back a little with the force of reentry. “Gotcha!” she called out happily. She put the dog down. “Let’s go to the Bridge.” She flipped open her communicator as they walked. “O’Day to Archer. Sir, I’ve got someone who really wants to see you.” 


On the Enterprise-D, the anomaly dissipated quickly, and Porthos was gone. Geordi blinked a few times. “Do you think we were successful, Data?” 

“The chances were very high.” 

Spot sniffed around the area where Porthos had been standing when he vanished. She pawed at the floor a few times. 


He is gone. We were good friends. 


“Come, Spot,” Data requested. 

“Data,” Geordi smiled, “don’t you know by now that cats never come when they’re called?” 

But proving him wrong, Spot did respond to the name that Data had given her. 


On the Bridge of the NX-01, there was a joyful reunion. Even T’Pol deigned to pat the peripatetic canid. Lili stood there, a bit unsure of whether she should stay. She nervously fiddled with her hair tie even more, and pulled on it too much. It finally snapped, and went sailing past the Tactical station as Lieutenant Reed watched. 

Malcolm went to pick the article up, but the dog got to it first. He ran with it over to T’Pol’s station, wagging his tail. 

The captain grinned. “He never wanted to play with string before. Uh, Ensign O’Day?” 

“Yes, sir?” 

“Could you please escort him back to my quarters? We’ll tell Chef that you’ll be later than expected. And, uh, if you can spare a few minutes, maybe play with him a little, okay?” She looked at him in disbelief so he added, “Should I make that an order?”

“Uh, it’s okay. I’ll do it, sir.” She smiled.  “Hey, Porthos, let’s go! Yes, you can bring my old hair tie. You know you’re my favorite guy.” 


Good smell good smell good smell good smell home smell. Spot was right. This is fun! 

But I will never forget my friend Princess Spot. 

Good smell good smell good smell good smell …

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