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From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

Date: May 4, 2158 


Dear Naurr:

Thank you so much for your letter! It arrived on the same day that I heard from the people who bought my first restaurant, Voracious. I tell you – they have always given me a hard time. This was even during the Xindi War. They would write and complain about the oven or whatever. It seems now they’re selling it and want to list me as a reference! It’s so odd; I know they ran the place into the ground. Sad, really. 

In some ways, it’s convenient that the mail is slow. I figure I will pretty much just let it go and then – oops! It’ll be too late. I guess that’s a tad passive-aggressive of me, but I’ve got other fish to fry, know what I mean? 

So – Reversal! We are set for an opening three weeks from today. It’s nutty and scary and probably way too early, but what the hell. The Calafans have tons of religious festivals throughout the year and this will be a chance to piggyback on one of them. I think it’s the Festival of Abic? I’m not sure. There are all of these amplifier dishes not too far from our little apartment, and they do something … transdimensional. I think that’s the word. I’m sure I’m saying it wrong. But the Calafans have a big festival and then of course they want to eat. Treve and I feel that we should take advantage of that. But I don’t think we’ll be serving that Tellarite specialty you mentioned in your last note. I think the Calafans would have the same kind of problem with it that humans do. 

My baby is due in late August, early September; I am thinking I can go go go at least for a while there. I will need to take a maternity leave, of course, but we can also take that time to determine what’s working and not working, and adapt accordingly. 

I’m glad you got to see your sister, and get along a bit. I have no siblings so I confess the relationships between them can be a bit of a mystery to me. Doug wants a whole baseball team’s worth of kids but I don’t know. Our boy is quite the miracle child already, plus I am forty-nine. I’ve got to be coming close to the end of my reproductive days. Oh! I did mean to tell you; my obstetrician, Miva, she says the baby is healthy and is looking good. He is also huge!! No wonder I want to eat all that perazzin. 

I meant to send you a picture. So here I am! Lili pregnant with Joss

This was taken recently; I feel so large. It was funny when you said litter. I bet if I could have a litter, Doug would get his baseball team. But nope, it’ll just be the one. We decided we’ll name him after Doug’s parents, so he’ll be Jeremiah Logan for Jeremiah and Lena. I’ve got to think up some sort of nickname for him. I can’t see calling a little baby Jeremiah

And yes, you’re right; Jenny’s going to get married. She’s said she wants to wait until this tour is over, which will be – I think – sometime in mid to late 2159 or so. She’s already asked me to cater, and I said yes. I do tend to overextend myself. You’re right, I know, and I know Doug is right. I’ve got to take it easy. It just feels, sometimes, like I’m finally getting a chance to do everything I always wanted, and to have everything I ever wanted. I guess I try to rush things and do too much. It just gets me so excited. 

But you and Doug are both right; I’ve got to take it easy. 

I haven’t gotten a chance to follow the Sox; I imagine you know more about them than I do right now. I thought it was so nice that they did a tribute to the war wounded before the game on April the 30th. I heard they read out the names of all of the wounded that were in New England area hospitals. It’s so sad that that were a lot of names. I understand it took a while to read them all. 

I have never heard of your sports, but they sound fascinating. If you can point me to classic games, or maybe a famous athlete to follow, I’ll see if I can find information on them when I’ve got some free time. Ha, who am I kidding? I never have any free time! 

XXXXXXI haven’t heard from the NX-01 as I think they’re out of range these days.XXXXXX


XXXXXXRight now I think Doug will stay retired, but they are calling for volunteers so I don’t know.XXXXXX

Anyway, I don’t think so.

Oh, and have you ever made a chocolate bombe? They’re good! I should send you a recipe. 

That’s it from here! Stay safe. 

Your friend, 


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