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From: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

Date: April 21, 2158 


Dear Lili, 

Your letter only arrive today, as recently a lot of our mail seems to have being going astray, we just hoping it the War-Office taking to long on the security review and not something worse. Anyway your letter was the Icing on the cake as it top off my wonderful day. 

You see we came to the rescue of a Caitian freighter owned by my family business and I came face to face with my big Sister Pkyrul, the current C.E.O. for the first time in eight years. Like all my family meet up it start off a little rough, as we never seen eye to eye, I like to blame it on her being such a daddy little girl and she is so is just like our father, she is a hard nose business person with little time for the little joys in life. However captain Gorrim point out that I’d become fixed in my defensive position of being an artesian instead of a hard nose business mind. 

Still I took his advice and so did Pkyrul and so over the few days that she was on board Ariane, we made a real connection for the first time as adults, and while she might not have enjoyed Cajun spices instead I got to her heart via her stomach with an English ploughman platter and the coalition cheese board. When she left she said that she was I’m glad I finally found my pack and thanks for giving her a new view on the world. I’m not sure but I think she might have taken a fancy to our Doctor Thorsen. 

I hate to say it but it does appear that the war is sadly heating up yet again, We’ve spent the last few days escorting a freighter convoy, thankfully we only had one minor engagement but like you said battle is so scary and I find it so hard to deal with the sadness of the waste of live. 

Have you heard from Hoshi or Brian recently? It must of being hard for him to do much of anything like cooking with just one arm? I know that all the NX Captains have been cutting down available communication time for personal messages, since Columbia went silent last week. I can only hope for your sakes that no one on Earth tries to un-retire Doug in the name of this Earth-Romulan War. I hope I can get this entire letter inside my weekly communication allowance. 

I take that your old roommate Jenny Crossman becoming Jenny Ramirez is because she is soon to partake of that earth cultural mating bond event call Wedding? I understand they are significant social gathering so has she asked you to do the catering or will you get to enjoy the day off and someone else cooking? 

By no stretch of the imagination am I an expert on human courting habits, so I’m not sure that I can comment on Major Hayes reasons for being last in line. I would be first in line for some more of your wonderful cooking, still him leaving you the nickel says to me that both the nickel and you must of mean something to him. Have you tried asking your husband if he can think of a reason? 

Well your lucky nickel seems to have worked as you’re going to get your restaurant dream. Thought I have to presume that getting your “act in gear” is a human phrase that relates to your restaurant renovations. Still thanks to you I now know two words in Calafan, I becoming a real renaissance person serving on this ship. 

As water and fire seem to be a key part of human cooking, I think it’s a most appropriate address for your restaurant. Well I’m not sure about human reproduction but I know from Caitian Reproduction the female does need lots of rest in the final stages of pregnancy. So please don’t over do it. 

Well I’ll be happy to try and teach you Caitian but as Hoshi seems to struggle, perhaps we just have to rely on her excellent universe translator instead. 

The Captain and Cassandra have tried on various occasions to try explained the sport of Cricket to me but I remain so confused by it. Philippe has set up a sports night on ship shown all the major coalition sports games, so I’ve got to see some baseball matches indeed a couple featuring your red sox, do you get to follow their progress on Lala II? 

I’ve been trying to talk Philippe into including a couple of the Major Caitian sports into sports night, ‘Crowal’, a game a lot like Earth Volleyball and ‘Eomeo’ a team game that Captain Gorrim calls a cross between hide and seek and live action chess. Though he seems to enjoy the tactical aspect of it but sadly my team Dusk Forrest Hunters is having a bad season.  

Well I’m glad you’re now getting over your morning sickness but having now look up an image of a whale and Xindi-Aquatic, I have to say that you can’t be that big, well unless your litter is going to be a lot bigger than one. 

I did ask both Cassandra and Philippe about buffalo and got slightly different answers, so I had to go look at my Earth animal books I think it to do with the American bison been called a buffalo was the reason for the difference answers. 

Well if you going to eat like that Doug will clearly need to hunt down some more, just don’t let him hunt them to extinction like the bison. Cassandra does likes to eat pork, so I’m well aware of it, especially as it recently did cause a bit of a fuss when the Captain took Pork and Bacon off the menu while we were transporting Tellarite Marines to a frontier Tellarite colony. 

Though I understand one of the Tellarite favor meat animals after canine is called ‘Koturera’ which is a hairless monkey, with a passing resemblance to humans. (I only serve it once to the crew, by accident, I should of check first what the meat was I know, but given the strange intolerance most of the crew showed to it, I don’t think it every going to get much market on earth or in Starfleet). 

Thank you for your suggestions with what to do with the various stages of olowa.

I’ve tried them out and on the whole the crew has enjoyed them all. I’m getting the most use out of medium-aged olowa as an alternative spice. 

I’ve found that using the youngest olowa in crème anglaise sauce is popular pudding dish among the Ariane Crew, while the oldest olowa when blended with cashews make a good alternative to almond or penult butter.  

Sadly resource shortages means I’ve not been able to try tortillas but it’s on my to try list.  

April Fools’ Day, Yes Captain Gorrim was kind enough to warn me in advance about it, and then we together set up and execute a prank on the crew for Breakfast, basically we set up nearly raw meat Caitain style with just jalapeño sauce for breakfast and then when I told them we were all out of orange juice and coffees they all took it hook, line and sinker, or so said the Captain. I did enjoy the look on the crew faces, as they didn’t suspect me but I did have to be alert till lunch for their revenge. I must admit like Treve thought it was rather silly but after recent events it felt good to have a laugh and be a bit silly. 

I look forward to taking the Beckett Family on holiday with your new baby to Lynuar IV, I do hope the war is over soon, as I know young children don’t seem to take to warp travel that well. 

Yes I’m glad we’re friends. Chefs in arms I’ll be careful out here, you look after yourself and I’m sure everything else will be okay? 

As ever your friend on the Ariane

Your friend, 


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