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From: Naurr, Hotel Liieri, Florin City, Andoria, C/O NX-04, Ariane 

To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System 

Date: March 29, 2158  

Dear Lili, 

Please accept my apologize for the slow reply to your last letter but it has been a bad week for us here on the Ariane, as you might of notice from the return address above, I’m currently put up in a hotel in Florin City on Andoria with the rest of the crew, while the Ariane gets repaired in the Andorian space dock and we await fresh crew reinforcements from Earth. 

I don’t know if your local Calafan news service has carried anything about the big battle of the Sierra System but we were there. To put it simply we took a hammering during the long running battle. I think it lasted around nine hours of on/off straight fight and cat and mouse chase around the system. The Ariane eventually repulse the attack along with a couple of Andorian ships who names I didn’t catch plus the Enterprise, Columbia and Endeavor. Indeed it was the timely arrival of your friends on the Enterprise whose timely arrival I think turned the tide in our favor. I won’t mention the casualties as not to upset you. I know even four days later it still upsets most of my crewmates as well as me right now. I mean only Philippe, our good Doctor Thorson and myself we were the only ones out of the whole crew of the Ariane who did not need some sort of significant first aid by the end of the battle. 

I know that our Armory Officer Mister Akua says we all are going to get some kind of battle honor bestowed on the Ariane for it. Not that I can see any honor in that battle myself. 

Any way on to slightly happier news, I think the human phase is every cloud includes a silver lining, as a result of the battle I’ve had the joyful company of our Cornish helmswoman Cassandra Hertford in the Kitchen on our recent slow crawl back to Andoria from Sierra. Since she almost lost an eye during that battle, which thankfully the Starfleet Doctors have now manage to healed, she was removed from bridge duty while she recovered and so she was made my sous-chef by the captain. So during her time helping me in the kitchen I’ve learnt a lot about her home town of Plymouth, it does sounds a fascinating place, but then everywhere on Earth seems exotic like that to me, perhaps when I get to Earth I shall make a detour to visit her home city? Her company is pleasing to keep. As a thanks for her good company I do hope when the Ariane is back under way that I can thank her with a surprise Cornish cream tea, but the ingredients are somewhat hard to find out here on Andoria. 

Anyway enough of my woes I must ask did Treve investors, who enjoy your roasted Elekai with Olowa, come up with the investment for your restaurant yet? I did ask Cassandra about your morning sickness and what ‘to barf’ means, she said her sister also suffer quite badly with it when she had her first niece last year. Cassandra also said her sister, who is apparently called Empathy, a person name that is also an emotion, seems just as strange to me as Baden does to you, said very little seem to help bar lots of rest and than to grin and bear it. I did ask her what use the Earth bear would be and she just had a laughing fit. Do you have any ideas what the bear is for? 

While I was stocking up on Andorian Magentas fruits at the local market, I did indeed came across those Calafan Olowa’s fruit you mentioned in your previous letter, so I’ve now got some for future use, as I’ve not likely to get any Elekai to serve them on, could you suggest something else for the three stages of Olowa’s, so I can add to the Ariane crew culinary repertoire? Is that the right word? 

Your Mate Doug sounds a lot like my old mum, as she was also never happy unless she was out hunting something in the Lynuar IV forests. Perhaps after the war, if I survive, I could take your little family on a trip there? As a sort of ‘thank you’ gesture in payment for your kind letters that I’ve come to enjoy receiving and reading. I’m sure you could enjoy the beautiful unspoiled landscape with your child and Doug could go hunting in the forest with his phase bow. There is a wild variety of game to be had in those woods. 

I must admit I think ‘Chatty Cathy’ is one of your strange idolisms but as you seem happy with it, I’ll just agreed. 

I should ask did you have any joy in your the market hunting for Magenta’s or improved your understanding of the local monetary system? Also have you had any joy with getting to trying to get hold of a Pranko yet? Though I will say before I forget that I did last night get to try an Andorian Squid called an Hrisal-head, which was nice. You should try some if you ever get the opportunity. In return Philippe and I offer to cook them some of my Cajun dishes for the hotel chef and staff at today’s lunch time meal. 

It seems that the locals Hotel staff all appreciate our efforts, as it would seem that the Andorians also enjoy Cajun strongly spiced food as well. The hotel chief even swapped me some of her recipes and she even has given me some Andorian spices for our next patrol. So you now know you can get Cajun food at the Hotel Liieri in future, well at least while the current chief is kept on. 

Yes the soup Kitchen was indeed a lot of hard work; so yes I did slept very well apart from the occasional waking up thinking I forgot to prepare something for the next day. 

Captain Gorrim did succeeded in getting the locals interest in the strange Earth game of Cricket, but Mister Akua reckons they only like it as there is plenty of time to have a good argument between overs. Though the Ariane team lost the match, as I understand it, we did win a return match in which we play the Tellarites at their own Frisbee game. I did find it all very hard to followed. Still kept the locals entertained and gave them plenty to argue about while we served up the meals. The only thing that really surprised me was Captain Gorrim response to losing, which was “he had upheld an proud English tradition of teaching someone new to play our sports and then lose to them,” He can be quite a strange alien some times. 

Sadly the ship morale is still low after the Sierra battle especially Captain Gorrim's and the wake we held when the battle was over for those whose we lost didn't seem to help much. Well your St. Patrick’s Day sounds fun, I asked Philippe about it, and he said we should definitely celebrate it next year, and then he dug out some pictures of St. Patrick's day in various cities on Earth worlds did look to be very green. 

Why are you a pensive about being 49 is this a key age for a human female? You’re downer? I’m not sure I understand quite what this means.  

I can understand being retrospective, since the Ariane save my life from the Romulans, I have had the opportunity for a long look back at my life, and I have come to the conclusion that every day since that rescue is a gift. Since for the first time that I can remember I do enjoy getting up in the morning and waiting to discover my next recipe and the crew feedback on my day’s dishes, that not to say the battles aren’t scary but I feel some sort of bond to my crewmates that I’m not sure I can fully explain. 

I’m not sure to where to start with our strange Tellarite cooking equipment that we’ve got on the Ariane. Most of it seems to be some thing like a blenders or auto slices though we do have something that we seem to think might be a mass automated steamer or casserole maker that I think might be big enough to even boil a whole Elekai in it. I’ll admit we’ve still not found a use for it yet. 

As for how I’m getting on with learned how to read the alien Tellarite script, I can just about managed to get the key basic words, like Hot, Cold, Danger, Men’s, Ladies and Kitchen. The script itself is nothing like Caitian hieroglyphics or human standard. The phase the Ariane crew use it to describe it, is that it’s the illegitimate love child of Arabic script and Morse code. I don’t know what Morse code is, so I did asked the Captain about Morse and he given me a book about an old Oxford police detective, I don’t see the link yet, but I’m enjoying the book for the moment so perhaps it will become clear at the end? 

I know what you mean about big cities, been a frontier boy myself, it always surprises me that the Ariane never feels crowdie despite it large crew in a relative small ship. 

Anyway, I’ve got to go. Ensign’s Dubrovnik and Diaz have manage to get us an invite to lunch with one of the Andorian crew we fought with at Sierra, as always if I learn any good recipes I shall send you a copy.  

Take care.  

Your friend, 


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