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From: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

Date: March 06, 2158 

Dear new friend Lili Beckett, 

Please accept my apologies my new friend for the long delay in replying, but we’ve had a bit of a hectic week repelling the latest Romulan offensive and trying to save a Tellarite colony. 

O yes the idioms barrier, please don’t worry about it as Caitian idioms are just as confusing, I think I shock the life out of our poor helmswoman Lieutenant Cassandra Hertford when I used one of mine. I think she though I was making an inappropriate comment about her potential promiscuous, rather than saying may many more people should be enjoy her kindness.

I will admit that Human swear words and their associated ideology are something that I do find very strange, words everybody seems to know and what they mean but you not allow to say them except at certain times but then only if you’re not if you a lady. 

As you might of notice I’m getting the hang of those written contradictions words in your written language. 

Thanks for the clarifications about the word hitch, and Chiffonade, yes Brian did showed me some of his, when we were link up with the Enterprise

Thank you for your suggestions on what to do with corned beef, that seems to have done the trick. Well that and our recent re-supply of horseradish and Worcester sauce. Our armory officer Akua Ghadir has recently suggested to me that if together we could develop a missile to cover Romulans ship in either source than either the Captain or Cassandra could then be trusted to devour the enemy ships, without further support from the Ariane. I strongly think that he was trying to be humorous but I must secretly agreed, that If we get desperate it might well be worth trying. 

Thank you ever so much for your tips regarding the NX-01 crew preferred dishes. I did give baking the strawberry shortcake a go. You be please to hear that both Captain Archer and Gorrim said it was very good, thought I must admit Captain Gorrim did helped out by showing me how to do pastry. I must admit it was a surprise skill from my captain. Though as a scientist first, perhaps he does see it just as another chemistry experiment like you suggest in your letter. 

Travis Mayweather did liked his Cashew butter, and yes Hoshi Sato was very, very nice – she did tell me everything was ‘wander coated’, I think she might have meant to say everything was wonderful but her attempt at Caitian did suffer a bit from a very heavy accent, but I did thank her for trying to speak my native tongue, as the only person on Ariane who still tries is our Communication Officer Savio and he not very good at it. Captain Gorrim did try for a while but, it was so poor that I did ask him to stop; as I couldn’t understand a word he was trying to say. I did take the opportunity to say hello to her for you in Caitian as well as English. 

Sadly I had no turkey to roast for Dr. Phlox but he was such a friendly chap and he was happy with our plum source duck leftovers and birds nest soup I rustled up on Captain Archer recommendation. T’Pol found the roasted sweet potatoes with blueberry’s I did for her acceptable, but Captain Archer said that the highest level of compliment anyone can expect from her. Is that true? 

Your friend Lieutenant Reed was there, and so I was able to convoy that hello for you. Sadly we didn’t have either pineapple or orange in stock but we did have some Andorians magentas, a strange fruit, but does go well with regular beef so I adapt I think the recipe from the database and the stir fry went well especially the magenta zest instead. 

Yes my Cajan friend Philippe is indeed really nice and his friendship has helped me to make the transition to my new life as head chef on an alien starship so much more enjoyable. He says he will make me an honorary Cajun before the war is out. In return I have agreed to visit the Cajun region on Earth even if does have all those insect and the high humidity that don’t really appeal to me. In my rare moments of spare time I’m currently working on a recipe book of Cajun recipes for Caitians; do you know any Cajun recipes not in the database, that I could try adapting? 

Per your suggestion, I did try asking the captain if someone could be recruited, at least for the odd day to help in the kitchen. He agreed and so he got his yeoman to set up a rota for all the crew to spend a least one shift a month helping in the kitchen as their other duties allowed. Which is great, even if they not all helpful, as you note in your previous letter, it does mean that I’m getting to meet all the crew and learn their culinary secrets. 

I’ve got to admit I don’t know Ambassador Gopalahr or his family personally bar the odd appearance in our news, his friendship treaty with the coalition did get him laurel by the popular press. As for Cait, I’m not the best person to ask, being brought up as a space boomer like your friend Mister Mayweather. Which reminds me I’ve still promised to show Philippe, and I’ll extend the invite to you and your family, to show you the real sights of Cait. In truth it’s a lot like your Earth, with a little of each type of region and major cities, but the golden forest is worth getting a renting holiday home log cabin in, especially by the lakes in autumn (or do you call it fall season?). I more familiar with the Caitian colony World Lynuar IV where my father ran his space merchant trading business from, till he retired and gave it all to my big sister Pkyrul. 

Lynuar is a single super-continent world with larges areas of savannah border by giant woods, the southern mountains are beautiful and I feel lucky to have seen it even if they’re not that much for tourist to see yet. 

Anyway I’ve got to dash, I’m now running a major soup kitchen for a Tellarite colony city, whose name I currently forget, which the Ariane, recently rescue from an unknown volcano explosion. Its not easy as the city is without power. So naturally there is no protein re-sequencers to feed the people, and the war has meant that no food convoys have arrived here for a while. So while our Chief Engineer Ziyl is trying to restore power, I’m trying to feed them with whatever food we can find locally and supplement by our emergency rations. The Captain has been playing some sort of Frisbee game with the local children, when not arguing with the adults about the best way to feed and distract the colonists. I did note that he is now trying to teach the locals to play cricket, a strange game, as a distraction from hungry but it does seem to give the local Tellarites some thing else to argue about. I hope to speak or write soon, if I learn any good Tellarite recipes I be sure to send you a copy. 

Your friend, 


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