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From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

Date: February 28, 2158 

Dear Naurr: 

Oh my gosh! I have to remember – our idioms might be a tad confusing. Expecting means I’m going to have a baby. So I don’t think Doug can help with that anymore. Egad isn’t a person; it’s just a kind of a filler word. I don’t think it has a meaning. It’s just nicer than if I were to swear (I’m supposed to be a lady!). A hitch just means a kind of unforeseen consequence. 

So, a chiffonade is when you take an herb that’s got big leaves, like basil, and you fold the leaves up lengthwise and then you slice them on the cutting board so they all come out as pretty ribbons. It looks nice on a plate. You can toss them into salads, too. I think it gives people a little pleasant surprise. 

Corned beef can be pretty salty. A lot of people just like it deli style. You can serve it cold (but not raw), sliced, with rye bread and sour pickles and make sure there’s mustard and maybe some kinds of salads on the side. And then for the vegan option you can just take the salad and jazz it up with sautéed tofu or tempeh for anybody who doesn’t eat meat. 

Now, as for the NX-01, let me see. Captain Archer and Ensign Mayweather really love strawberry shortcake. I can send the recipe if it’s not in the database. Do you bake? It’s got to be done a lot more precisely than cooking because it’s more like a chemistry experiment. Travis also liked cashew butter – you can make that in the blender or the food processor; it’s really just two standard tumblers full of cashews, a pinch of salt, a few spoonfuls of vegetable oil – use a soup spoon – and maybe a half a soup spoon’s worth of sugar or honey. Just put all of that stuff in the blender or the processor, put on the lid and hit purée or high speed. It takes maybe 30 seconds and it’s spreadable and yummy. Make sure to put it in the refrigeration unit and don’t make it too far in advance as it spoils really easily. If you don’t have enough cashews, you can use almonds instead. 

Hoshi Sato is very, very nice – she likes a lot of different stuff and will probably tell you everything is wonderful. Please say hello for me. Dr. Phlox really loves roast turkey, even the sandwiches made from leftovers. Commander Tucker likes pecan pie but it can be hard to get it right. If you make him roasted sweet potatoes – just make the parsnips recipe but substitute sweet potatoes – it’ll be a hit. T’Pol will probably have some, too. 

And if Lieutenant Reed is there, please, please say hello for me. He really loves anything with either pineapple or orange in it but he’s not a fan of cream so if you want to you can make orange beef. It’s really just regular beef stir fry but you add orange juice and orange zest in the last minute or so that you’re cooking. I think the recipe is in the database.

Philippe sounds really nice. I’m sorry you don’t have a sous-chef (that’s just a helper; he or she is usually the person who does the chopping but also the cleanups). I bet you could tell the captain you need help and someone would be recruited, at least for the day. I used to get the Security guys to help me or sometimes people would be sent down on KP duty. Between you and me, though, their help wasn’t always so, you know, helpful. 

Tell me about Cait. I have never, ever been there. In fact, the only Caitians I have ever met were when Ambassador Gopalahr was here with his family a few years ago. He brought his children, even. I remember his littlest. Her name was Parenelsa and she was so shy but very, very sweet. I think she overfed the captain’s beagle, though. 

Your friend, 

Lili Beckett

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