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From: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

Date: February 25, 2158 

Dear Lili Beckett, 

Thank you for writing, your repetition from being the NX-01 sous-chef does precede you and so I’m please to receive your letter. I am still no wiser as to what a sous-chef is thought, since we don’t have one here. Yes I’m indeed excited to be working on the Ariane and learning more about my new alien crewmates and all their interesting and various culinary cultures. 

Sadly I am not so familiar with the NX-01 kitchen, but the Ariane Kitchen does seem to have lot of fancy equipment, clearly more than my last kitchen on the Caitian freighter Star Leopard. However as the Ariane was built at the Tellarite shipyards for Earths Starfleet, for some reasons all the ship labels are in Tellarite, which does mean we all have got fairly good at reading Tellarite script. Regarding the Sanitizer, one thing I do recognize does indeed play up the same as the NX-01 but I have already found that hitting it with a sonic wrench on the left side does seem to help. So you’re not alone, they are all still infernal machines. 

I must admit I do not think of myself a warrior even if I have had to fight off Nausicaans pirates in my previous berth but having previously trade with a Xindi Insectoid before, I am not sure how well I would fight one with just a French knife, It does all sound a scary experience.  So well done you for surviving it. 

Well as I said earlier, sadly here on the Ariane we don’t have a sous-chef, but I do have my good friend Philippe Rivette, who has been helping teach me to cook his native food I believe it spelled Cajun, which has been a fun experience, but I have also learn to cook Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian and Arabic dishes from the various members of the Ariane crew, All these new dishes have kept me so far from suffering to much from the daily drudge. 

Indeed I would like to meet up with you if at possible in the future but while this war is ongoing and I am paying back my debit to Captain Gorrim I am more than happy to exchanges recipes and do the other chef things we can via these remote electronic messages. I do like the word Chiffonade, if we ever get to meet up could you perhaps teach me to do Chiffonade? 

I am sure when the investors discover a famous and talented chef like you wish to open a local restaurant that they will flock to help you establish your Reversal restaurant. I hope to meet you there one day and try some of your fancy sounding dishes. 

I am a little bit confused thought as to why is Egad keeping you waiting? I’m sure that Captain Gorrim has told me that it is rude to keep a lady waiting in Earth culture? Is that way you’ve got so many tasks to do? That does sound like a lot of thing to multi-task at one time? Cannot your mate Douglas help you out? 

Why do you need a hitch? As I am not sure we’ve got one here on the Ariane, though I’m sure the chief engineer Lt. Commander Ziyl might have one we could lend you, I will ask around if you like? Or would me send you a hitch get you put in that Calafan loony bin? 

Thank you for your kind offer of someone to speak to, that is very kind of you. Please be aware that it is a two way street so you may contact me if you get overwhelming and need someone other than your mate to talk to. Please be sure to contact me if you need a sounding board. If I do hear anything about anybody from your old ship transferring over to mine, I will let you know and what their reactions is to the surprise of their favorite meal. 

Any help with impressing any of your old shipmates would of course be a great help and much appreciated. As I believe we are due to meet up with the Enterprise NX-01 soon, so any advise for that would be valued. 



PS: Yes I have tried out the Panais a la Jay it did seem to be a hit with the crew.

PSS; do you have any idea how to make corn beef remotely palpable, we have a cargo bay full load of it but I can not find any one who knows what to do with it?

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