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From: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane
To: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System 
Date: May 29, 2158


Dear Lili: 

I don’t know if this letter will get to you before you open the Reversal! If it doesn’t I hope the opening went well and wasn’t too scary for you. 

I Thank you for your latest reply, your latest letter as always bring joy to my day and I am glad that you enjoy my letters in reply as much as I enjoy your recipes and advise. 

I’ve got some good news to share with you friend! 

Captain Douglas has told me we will have a limited opportunity to visit Lafa II in the very near future, however for operational reasons he won’t tell me an exact date. I do hope that nearer the time I can drop you an advance communication to book lunch at Reversal! As I expect I will need to book in advance once the locals try your food you’re have a long custom list. 

Yes I do think it is sad that your Voracious restaurant was ran into the ground, perhaps you should have left them with no running signs? Ha He Ha. 

I must admit confusion at the phase ‘tad passive-aggressive’ is a very alien concept to get my head around both Cassandra and Philippe have tried to explain it but I’m still confused. 

What other fish? Other than the aquatic pets you were keeping in the restaurant? Is this another one of your unique human statements? 

Why do you want to ride piggyback on a Calafan for? Is this part of the Festival of Abic? 

I’m not sure what to make of those transdimensional amplifier dishes as science isn’t my strong suit I did ask Captain Douglas to try and explain but he seemed unable to explain properly but he does seem intrigue by them and I think he will want to have a look for himself when we visit. 

Well thank you for the picture but you look smaller than Xindi-aquatic to me and while I am no expert on human beauty, you look intriguing artistic to me. 

I please to update you that my sister has sent me a letter updating me on my extended family matters, Indeed it seems my re-telling of your cooking has led her to try and get a Cait Government trading license to open trade with the Calafan for Perazzin and Olowa.

I can’t really comment on your choice of the name of Jeremiah Logan for your future kitten, since all these names and titles you humans have seem strange to me. 

Well we’ve not being getting many updates of late but I did see that several earth teams of various sports have done that name role call. It seemed alien but very touching to me. Well actually I did see the last Sox game versus a team I think called Kansas City Royals. Your team won though I remain unsure of the final score or the rules. 

I can understand the feeling of never having any free time but if you do the classic game of Crowal to watch for beginners is the 174th north league season IV against the President IV pick. While if you want to get into Eomeo like Douglas, then either find a game when Meurr was playing for the Wing breakers, the first female pro and still arguable the best player of the last fifty years. Else try and find any game between Night Villains and the Royal chasers they’ve the big two teams and they games are nearly always classics. 

Sadly I haven’t heard from the NX-01 either but we have being to Denobula and meet Phlox extend family. They also like Turkey Sandwiches and just as nice as the good doctor. 

Well on the volunteer topic we recently had guests from something called the French Foreign Legion, which Cassandra said should of being renamed the Earth Foreign Legion as it included volunteers from Andoria, Tellar and a few other worlds of the Coalition. 

Well I’m sure you know your mate mind about returning to active services, I do hope he stay close to you. 

Thank you for the chocolate bombe receipt it seems to have being a hit with the crew, however I did discover that chocolate and Caitians don’t mix, turn out that it’s poisonous to Caitians, which is a shame as it’s a taste substance. Thought I did manage to use one to scare off some Romulan borders and give the Captain a bit of a scare. I’ll save that story for when we meet in the person. 

Hopefully I shall see you soon and I can give you all the rest of the gossip. 

Your friend on the Ariane


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