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Story Notes:

With love to anyone who's ever had to learn a new language, started a business or ruined a meal.

Big thanks to Steff for suggesting it.

From: Charlotte Lilienne O'Day Beckett, Beckett House, Fep City outskirts, Lafa II, Lafa System

To: Naurr, NX-04, Ariane

Date: February 17, 2158 

Dear Naurr, 

I wanted to introduce myself as I used to be the sous-chef on the NX-01 and I hear you are the chef on the brand-new Ariane! How exciting! 

I bet you’ve got all sorts of stuff we never had. Our sanitizer sometimes went on the fritz. The secret is; you’ve got to kick it. And, while I can’t be sure, I think kicking with my left foot worked better than my right. But Chef Slocum always used to say I was being silly about that. But hey, he rarely dealt with that infernal machine. 

Are you having fun? I do hope so. I used to be such a drudge after a while; I kinda got upset when Major Hayes died and so I don’t suppose I was a lot of fun to be around then. Before that, sure. But then it took a while. You know how it is – we get casualties. And you and I aren’t warriors but there are people to mourn just the same. Actually, maybe we are kinda warriors. I should tell you some time about when I had to defend myself against a Xindi Insectoid, using only a cast-iron skillet and a French knife. 

On the Enterprise, the sous-chef job turned over a bit. First it was Richard Daniels, then it was Preston Jennings, and then it was me, and now it’s Brian Delacroix, who used to be in Security. He’s a good kid; he’s very eager to learn. I kind of ditched quickly because I fell in love and got married. But I did get a chance to teach Brian how to do a chiffonade. 

I do hope we can swap recipes and stuff, and maybe meet some time. My husband, Doug, and I are opening a restaurant here on Lafa II. We’re going to call it Reversal. That is, if we can get enough investors lined up. Oh, and I’m also expecting. Egad, I have a million things going on at once. Either it’ll all go off without a hitch or I’ll end up in the Calafan version of the loony bin. 

Anyways, take care and feel free to contact me if it ever gets overwhelming. If I hear about anybody from my old ship transferring over to yours, I’ll let you know. A lot of the people are just terrific and you can really impress them if you know what they like (it’s an old trick I learned at the Mars Culinary Institute). 


Lili Beckett 

PS If you come across the replicator recipe for Panais a la Jay, it’s roasted parsnips with apple juice and a touch of blueberry juice and I invented it in memory of Major Hayes, who really liked blueberries.

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