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Season One, Episode Three of Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead (Series Premiere/Pilot)

FSA Cover #1Stardate 43232.5: (continued from Part II) With the Farragut en route to the Tristnor facility, Captain Leone and her crew, along with the Kasui batallion aboard, meet heavy resistance in their attempt to steal the Alpha device and make it possible for them to return to Federation space. A fierce battle ensues and the know-how of the skeleton crew works to gain the upper hand in the struggle! Meanwhile, Wilson tries to come to terms with the knowledge that their return to the Federation means he must say goodbye to his friends aboard ship, and Greg weathers pressure from the captain to seek the promotion he's been avoiding for the past four years.

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Series: Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead
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Published: 24 Feb 2009 Updated: 24 Feb 2009

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