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After a quick round of introductions between the Chilo prisoners, the one in the black and silver uniform, a T.I.C. agent called Daniels, led the small party of captains down a corridor into a room marked Class 101.

“Back to basics, the irony,” said Daniels.

“What are you on about, Human?” demanded Mortas the Klingon captain.

“Class 101, this is the room where T.I.C. agents learn about the basics of time travel and how to maintain temporal integrity, are all taught here. Anyway jobs to do,” said Daniels.

“So?” said Mortas.

“So it is clear Mr. Klingon, that if we’re going to re-take the T.I.C. headquarters from the Chilo force, we need to go back to our basic training,” said Captain Lily Fitzroy.

“Ha, ha, puny human female, I’m a glorious Klingon warrior of the house of Kozaga; all I need is my bat’leth,” replied Mortas.

“Enough,” snapped Captain Douglas Gorrim.

Silence fell over the room. Douglas waited till the other three had turned to look at him, before he continued, “Just to remind everybody, the Chilo want to erase us all and our civilization from history.”

“These dishonorable Ptarks, I shall strike them all down,” injected Mortas.

“With just your bare hands?” asked Lily.

“If no other weapons are available, then yes I shall just use my bare hands,” said Mortas.

‘Did the Chilo that captured you hit you so hard that you’ve forgotten how thick their exo-amour is?” asked Lily.

“You dare! You a mere human woman, you dare to imply that I’m a fool? I was only captured by their dishonorable tricks,” said Mortas.

“No Mortas, Captain Lily is in her own unique way trying to remind you of the old adage ‘Don’t lose a war to win a battle,’” said Douglas.

“Thank you, Douglas. Maybe Mortas we could keep our righteous anger and hatred focused on the Chilo rather than each other?” suggested Lily.

“Fine, we shall destroy the Chilo first, then settle any of our outstanding personal scores,” said Mortas.

“Good. Now Mister Daniels do you want to go back to Chilo temporal terrorism 101 lesson and tell us what those caterpillars are actually up to this time?” asked Douglas.

“Wait, what do you mean this time?” asked Lily.

“Now human woman, you are the fool! Since I was big enough to hold a bat’leth, I’ve heard the ancient Klingon warriors tell stories of these Chilo and their various attempts to wipe out the great Klingon civilization by removing all our key historic greats, our finest warriors and leaders with the aim of weakening the Klingon Empire enough that they can wipe us from history,” said Mortas.

“A bit like the Suliban Cabal then?” asked Lily

“Much worse. The mysterious Cabal Master who just wants to change the 27th century balance of power after the milky-way galactic invasion by the sphere-builders. While the Chilo do detest all other forms of life and thus their wish is to erase you all and then destroy your universe from ever having been,” said Daniels.

“Though they’re not quite powerful enough to do that mainly due to the T.I.C. strength, so they’re always trying to weaken the T.I.C. by key strikes against non-obvious targets in our past,” said Douglas.

“That all might be well and good human, but what part of this explains that your base is now overrun by them?” asked Mortas.

“Could I remind you all that we’re on the clock? Indeed I think we have less than thirty minutes left to try and stop this Chilo plan,” said Douglas.

“Indeed less talk and more action is what is needed,” agreed Mortas.

“We all want to stop the Chilo but to paraphrase, the great human warrior Sun Tzu said ‘Know yourself and know your enemies and the battle is won’,” said Lily.

“Thank you, Lily. Yes we’ve indeed got jobs to do. The Chilo have built three structures, the first in 2160, another in 2240 and the third in 2320. You were all removed from your ships when you accidentally discovered the structure. Perhaps as a delaying tactic to your crews, so that they can complete their grand objective without interference, while your crews are looking for you,” said Daniels.

“They’re without honor; if they wished to fight us, they should of have met us in the field of battle, face to face and not sneaking around like Romulans,” said Mortas.

Daniels walked over to the nearest wall and traced a strange pattern on it with his finger.
Daniels then put his arm straight through the wall. When he pulled his arm back he held in his hand two ‘C’ shaped objects. Daniels then tossed them over to Lily and Douglas. The Starfleet captains both caught the objects and looked quizzically at them.

“Those are 31st Century weapons, a sort of grandson of the phase pistol,” said Daniels in response to Douglas and Lily’s unanswered questions. Both Starfleet captains continued to study the weapons.

“What about me? Where is my weapon?” demanded Mortas.

“Here,” said Daniels as he reached into the wall and yet produced another of the ‘C’ phase grandson devices plus a bat’leth for Mortas.

Mortas took the ‘C’ weapon and the bat’leth. Mortas took a test swing of the bat’leth. “Yes it’s perfectly balanced. Now these Chilo shall pay,” stated Mortas.

“Mortas, in answer to your earlier question about how the Chilo took over this T.I.C. base: Yesterday the T.I.C. temporal scanners detected something in the 26th Century of Chilo origin floating near Starbase 39 Sierra. Naturally the T.I.C. impounded it to prevent temporal contamination from occurring, however once it was inside the T.I.C. base, the object released a knockout gas. Once all T.I.C. base personnel were out cold the Chilo poured out, killing most of the base staff. Anyway, jobs to do,” said Daniels.

Daniels turned to lead the group out of the room but as soon as his back was turned, Douglas threw the useless ‘C’ type weapon at the back of Daniels’s head. It hit home and was enough to break the Chilo disguised as Daniels illusion. Douglas then tossed Lily James’s phase pistol and leveled the acquired MACO rifle at the Chilo. In unison both Starfleet captains opened fire on the Chilo.

“Die Vermin,” thought the Chilo telepathically at the group.

“Today is a good day to die,” shouted Mortas as he also chucked his useless ‘C’ shaped weapon at the Chilo, then with his bat’leth held high he charged at the Chilo seeking to strike at the Chilo.

Sadly the bat’leth made no real dent in the Chilo exo-amour. The Chilo easily knocked the Klingon to the ground while Douglas continued to focus his phase pistol fire at it.

“You shall die now,” though the Chilo at the group.

The Chilo move to attack the Klingon on the ground. Lily ceased fire and instead charged at the Chilo, launching a flying kick at it. All that seem to happen was that Lily bounced off the Chilo but her attack did in fact unbalance the Chilo slightly and while it was off Douglas spotted an old crack in its Chilo exo-amour and so focused his rifle fire on the crack.

The Chilo exo-amour crack began to ooze and the Chilo disappeared from sight. Both Douglas and Mortas had enough experience to know to throw themselves towards the nearest room walls, to stop the Chilo from reappearing behind them. Lily took a few more seconds to catch the hint but she soon joined them with her back against the nearest wall. The three captains looked at each other after a moment when the Chilo didn’t reappear.

Douglas asked, “Run?”

“Withdraw,” agreed Mortas.

The three captains fled the room together, seeking another room in the T.I.C base to regroup in. As they ran Lily asked, “How did you know?”

“Never trust anyone who says jobs to do when the Chilo are around,” replied Douglas.


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