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“I though I would die, but was afraid I might not while I was wandering those corridors,” said Douglas.

“A likely side effect of over doing those early pain killers; you really should have stuck to the recommend amount,” said the emergency medical hologram, known simply as the Doctor.

The Doctor was currently treating and trying to repair the worst of the injuries to Douglas’s left hand.

“When those monstrous caterpillars came in here and started to try and hack into my program, I had the exactly the same thought,” said the Doctor.

“Why did they want to hack into your program?” asked Douglas.

“Not sure, something about trying to get me to inject Kathryn Janeway with a solution that would allow them to use her to seduce a Krenim called Annorax and get hold of his temporal weapon ship.”

“Sounds like an overly complicated but nasty plan,” said Douglas.

“Ironically, the moral deadlock safeguards that Kathryn herself added to my program in the past prevented them from succeeding,” answered the Doctor.

“Speaking of the past, might I suggest in future, or hopefully in your case in history, you don’t hold the phase pistol when the monstrous caterpillar bites into it?” said the Doctor.

“I feel that is very sound advice, Doctor,” replied Douglas.

The Doctor put down the strange medical device and picked up another one, which he then ran over the damaged hand.

“That other counter shot I gave you should have taken effect by now, plus the dermal tissue regenerator does seem to be doing the trick. Anyway, I trust you’re feeling a lot better now?” asked the Doctor.

“Yes Doctor, the yellow tint to the world has gone now along with the nausea. Thank you,” replied Douglas.

“It’s so nice to have a grateful Starfleet captain to work on; so many of your successors aren’t prepared to listen to medical advice or even be grateful when you remove the alien devices from them,” said the Doctor.

“Given how I felt when I fell into your sickbay, I’m happy for any sentient computer program avatar to patch me up and tell me some common sense,” said Douglas.

Douglas had been a little out of it when the EMH Doctor had first begun helping him to fully understand a quarter of what the Doctor had said at the time.

“Flex your left hand,” said the Doctor.

Gingerly Douglas flexed his left hand and while it was still sore, it was at least fully useable again.

“That’s the business, Doctor,” said Douglas.

“Well it’s what some of the finest minds of my generation created me to do,” replied the EMH.
The Doctor continued, “Normally, I would suggest taking a day or two rest and some light exercise for that hand. However given that the base seems to be occupied by a hostile force…”

“The Chilo,” interrupted Douglas.

“The Chilo, as you call them, we--by which unfortunately I mean you--need to defeat them ASAP, before they carry out their obviously hostile plan.”

“Why can’t you help or at least call for outside help?” asked Douglas.

“Because I was here for a meeting about a temporal intervention on Voyager when the Chilo attacked. While they couldn’t hack me, they did take away my mobile emitter and left me shut off. Only your entry into this sickbay with distressed life-sign, auto-fired me up again,” answered the Doctor.

“Okay that sort of makes sense, so why can’t you help me get a distress message out now?” asked Douglas.

“Because I’m an Emergency Medical Hologram not an Emergency Engineer Hologram, plus from what little I can gather from the T.I.C. Mainframe, the Chilo have activated the quarantine protocol, so nothing can get in or out without the T.I.C. commander’s direct authorization. I’ll run a low level scan now to if I can find out anything useful for you,” answered the Doctor.

“So I’ve got to quickly break out of the T.I.C. quarantine field and summon the military by myself with obsolete equipment and tactics?” said Douglas.

“Actually, I’m sorry to say this but I doubt you’ll be able to break out of the T.I.C. quarantine field with anything that is currently in this building. Plus, these rising energy fields the scanner is now reporting might suggest that the Chilo are actually close to completing something, so I would suggest your best bet is to find out where the rest of the T.I.C. staff are being held and re-take the base with them,” said the Doctor.

“Of course the Chilo could have re-programmed you to say that to stop me trying,” said Douglas.

“That is of course a risk you’ll need to be aware of,” said the Doctor.

“What to do? What to do?” asked Douglas aloud.

“Sorry, the emergency command hologram is not available, so you on your own for this due to the program tampering risk,” said the Doctor.

“Great. Anything else to add to my joy?” asked Douglas.

“Well, judging by these field gains on the medical scanner, I suggest you only have 100 minutes to stop the Chilo,” said the Doctor.

“I think I might die on this mission, but I more afraid I might not save history,” said Douglas.

“You’re a Starfleet captain, miracles are what you are renowned for,” said the Doctor.

“Okay where are the prison cells and armory?” Douglas asked.

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