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Season One, Episode Two of Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead (Series Premiere/Pilot)

FSA Cover #1Stardate 43224.75: (Continued from the previous episode) Newly-promoted Captain Krystine Leone and the partially-assembled crew of the starship USS Farragut are vaulted across the galaxy into the space of a previously unknown force, the Tristnor Hegemony. Upon arrival, they're immediately ordered to forfeit their starship and become property of the Hegemony without condition or guarantee of their safety. Will Farragut ever return to Federation space? Will the Hegemony prove to be a formidable enemy? And who are the pair of intruders that brought them there in the first place? (This story will be concluded in Part III)

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Series: Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead
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Published: 24 Feb 2009 Updated: 24 Feb 2009

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