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One Week Later

Ambassador Senvik waited with Prime Minister Kulei for the guards to bring her Commodore Lily Fitzroy from the medical facility where she had been treat for the last week.

The World Matriarchy as the planet government Executive had been prepared to listen to Senvik’s arguments about the mistreatment of the commodore.

Especially since a great number of the planet’s population were now protesting Lily’s plight after the press had leaked pictures of her condition from the medical facility.

Senvik’s research while she looked for a way to free the commodore, greatly aided by prime minister Kulei had shown that the World Matriarchy, which Kulei was the first amongst equals, was a sort of cabinet select by a popular vote of all Centaurans mothers and wife-less fathers (who cared for a child), via a election colleges similar to the old united states system.

The main problem was the World Matriarchy Executive had no direct power to overrule or pardon anyone the senior judges of the Supreme Court, found guilty and sentence. As the judges and the courts were part of the Juristically, which was the government law enforcement diversion that was completely separate from the executive to prevent corruption. Senvik had been told by them while the Juristically court was sorry about the situation the current law prepared them from hearing an appeal as no significant new evidence existed in the case. As far as Senvik could tell the difficulty of getting an appeal was one of the planet population main grievances with their current government.

If Senvik had been human she would have classified the experience as frustrating. In the end, she had come to a crude agreement that was acceptable to both sides.

Senvik had recommended to the Centauran Matriarchy, the Federation President and Starfleet, that they would just have to wait until the end of the six week sentence and take the commodore home on another starship, that enter the system with permission.

Work was still required to secure a non-aggression or trade agreement with the Centaurans, as it would be a good location for Starbase, but getting the commodore back would go a long way to smoothing the relationship.

There was a knock at the door and one of the medical orderlies brought in the commodore.

Senvik looked at the commodore, who still looked bad from her confinement. The doctors had found that as well as the bad reaction to the local cotton, she seem to have suffered some sort of intolerance to something in the breakfast Muesli.

“Commodore, how nice to see you again,” said Kulei.

Commodore Fitzroy just grunted an acknowledgement. “Well, you looking better than last week, and again on behalf of the world Matriarchy we do apologize for the less than acceptable prison treatment you received,” said Kulei. "I believe Ambassador Senvik has explained the situation and our respective governments’ agreement?”

“Yes,” said Lily weakly.

“Good. Anyway, the Vulcan Ambassador ship T’lise is now in orbit ready to return you to Federation space as soon as the formalities are complete,” said Kulei.

“Then we should start,” said Senvik.

“Of course,” said Kulei.

“Perhaps you could let the commodore sit down?” asked Senvik.

“O yes, please Commodore, take a seat,” said Kulei.

Lily walked slowly to a chair and sat down.

“Then Prime Minister Kulei, on behalf of the office of the President of the United Federation of Planets, I formally apologize to your government for Starfleet Vessel USS Argonaut entering your territories without permission,” said Senvik.

“Ambassador Senvik, on behalf of the Centaurans World Matriarchy we will accept your government’s apologies on the provision that the commodore accept that she has been declared an outlaw by the Matriarchy, and is never to return to Centauran space,” said Kulei.

“This is acceptable, provided we are allowed to withdraw the commodore without interference,” said Senvek.

“The Matriarchy has confirmed to me they are happy to agree with that,” said Kulei.

“Then we’re in agreement,” said Senvek.

Kulei walked over to stand in front of the Commodore Fitzroy. Kulei knelt down, looked into the commodore’s face and softly said, “Commodore, I know this seems harsh and when I was on your ship, I expected the World Matriarchy to issue a pardon, not subject you to accidental torture for five weeks, but if you can see the one positive, it is that this forces the World Matriarchy to accept that we need to change the old systems if we are to interact with other interstellar civilizations,” said Kulei.

“The good of the many outweighs the needs of the one?” said Lily weakly.

“Yes, Commodore,” said Senvik.

“Commodore Lily Fitzroy, do you accept banishment and being outlawed from Centauran Society?” asked Kulei.

“Yes,” said Lily.

“Then Commodore Lily Fitzroy, you’re banished from the lands, and the space of the Centaurans’ Matriarchy. Ambassador Senvik, please take her away. Ambassador, shall we meet tomorrow to talk about your proposal for a joint space station just outside our territories, as a centre for future trade between our two peoples,” said Kulei.

“Yes, Prime Minister. Now, if you excuse me?” said Senvik.

“Yes, Ambassador,” said Kulei.

“Come along Commodore, we have a shuttle waiting for you,” said Senvik. With that the Vulcan and the human left Kulei’s office.

The prime minister leaned on the edge of the desk and hoped that she hadn’t just destroyed one person to force the Centaurans’ World Matriarchy to see and accept the changes their society needed to undergo to enter the interstellar sisterhood as a force for good.

Kulei walked to the window and as she watched the Federation Shuttle leave the compound, she thought, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one, but that is still only cold comfort for the one that sacrificed for the many. I’m sorry, may the future not judge either of us too harshly, Commodore Lily Fitzroy.”


Chapter End Notes: Thanks for reading.

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