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"Unidentified ship, request you stand down and identify yourself!"

"You're sure?"

"They've got to be weapons ports, sir. Scans indicate no other function is likely."

"Who are they, why have they opened them at us?"

"No response, Captain."

"--evasive maneuvers, return fire!"

"Aye, sir!"

"All hands, brace for further impact!"

"It's not real."

"You have to get up, Scotty, we have to secure the medical bay and I can't do it if you're standing under--"

"Dinne bother, it's no real!"

"You're coming if I have to drag-- hey!"

"Leave off! It's no real 's no real 's not real program 647 experiencing catastrophic failure, total decompilation imminent, compensate, load file 94--"

"M'Benga! Your job is to follow that idiot and make sure he doesn't hurt himself. Go!"

"Aye-- no-- wait, it canne-- get oot o' my heid--"

"Mister Scott--"

"Dinne touch me, I dinne want t'rap yer jaw but I will-- What?! Tell me! Hod yer wheesht, one at the bloody time--"

"Calm down and tell me what's wrong."

"--leave off! Deid in five minutes if she canne stabilize-- if she canne--"


"Oh. Oh no. What's... what's...?"

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