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I am nearing something.

I have no name for it. I feel as though something glaringly illogical is all around us, but for its size, cannot be seen.

There have been reports of malfunctioning, minor items of equipment. They mysteriously return to proper function when examined by repairmen.

A small number of the crew have begun experiencing anxiety issues previously absent from their medical history. They have no memory of the trigger.

Our Chief Engineer is in sickbay, apparently delirious.

Finally, the seemingly random transmission seems to call to me as I transcribe it from memory. I am not human. Mere text should not seem to attract me as though it is sentient.

Something is happening aboard this ship. The Captain has elected to ignore it, declaring his own incident as a case of the 'heebie jeebies'. He's recommended vacation for his Chief Engineer. He recommended something for me that I see no reason to repeat.

It seems that very few of the crew wish to acknowledge that something isn't right. Convincing them will be difficult without concrete evidence.

I've drawn my memory. I've taken the information to sickbay, with care taken not to read it for extended periods of time. I have every intention of handing it to Mister Scott, whose delirium I have begun to suspect is part of the greater happening.

Doctor McCoy is not in attendance. Mister Scott appears irritated; disheveled, sitting on a biobed, not laying. He appears uncomfortable, likewise, when I approach.

"Sir," he says, before looking away.

"Lieutenant Commander Scott." I say nothing further. I intend to test the theory. I hand him my work; the transcription of apparent gibberish, though I have found some pattern in it, none of great assistance.

He looks it over. He appears tired. He rubs his eyes. His breathing appears labored.

He looks confused. Eventually, he answers.

"Override seven nine zero one. Enable." He speaks with no accent.

I raise an eyebrow. "Please exp--"

He falls off the biobed with the force of whatever has rocked our ship. The standard lighting dims in favor of flashing red.

Red alert.

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