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Chapter Notes: Something I've been building up on Evernote for months which needs bringing to term. Written as my contribution to Week Two of The Twelve Trials of Triskelion 2013: Ficlet Flashdance!

The Terran Empire cruiser stood facing the two space-suited figures who had just transported out of the shuttle which was slowly accelerating towards it, drawn by the scintillating rays of the tractor beam that played over it. The larger of the two swivelled it's head towards the other and grunted, "You bought us ten minutes at most. It won't even reach them before they realise we aren't on board."

The other just stared fixedly at its wrist. "She doesn't need to reach them, she just needs to get inside their shields..." As if in answer, a light stopped blinking to become a steady glow and, with an unmistakably girlish laugh, she punched a stud next it.

"Say goodbye to the Tardis!"

The cruiser's shields contained the explosion for a few scant seconds like a tiny sun until, failing, jets of superheated gas and debris shot outwards in random directions. Manipulating his suit to turn away from the explosion the larger grumbling tersely to himself, "Stupid name for a ship anyway."

"Oh, come on! I saved our skin again! What's it going to take to get you to say thank you?" She too started to yaw her suit away from the settling explosion but instantly bumped into her companion. "Hunh?"

"I'll say thank you if you can get us out of this one."

Space is not quite as empty as one would think, it has its own wildlife that usually consists of microbes that live on energy. However even in space the universal rule applies, big fish eat little fish, and a very big fish had been attracted to the recent explosion! The spaceborn organism was heading straight towards them, its hundred metre wide maw gaping like a hole in an asteroid full of writhing snakes!

Swearing steadily in a variety of languages, the woman grabbed the phaser rifle from it's magnetic latches on her back and fired a random shot into the centre of the creatures maw.

"I'm all out of ideas! It's your turn!"

Over her suit's com channel she heard her companion start to laugh, albeit rather bitterly, "As it happens I do have a plan!"

Faster than she could react, he swung her behind him and kicked his suit's back thrusters into life, pushing her away from him and sending him tumbling straight towards the certain death before them.

The young woman caught sight of her friend's face as their suits automatically compensated. Her com channel crackled with a moments silence before coming back to life. She saw the glint of his sharpened teeth as he smiled at her.

"Forgive me puqbe′"

In one fluid motion he turned his suit to face the oncoming death and, reaching over his own shoulders, grabbed a metre-long bat'leth.

The automatic settings of the woman's audio channel struggled to reduce the crescendo of his enraged battle cry as he sailed through the silence of space...

"Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam!"

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