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Frank Grayson sat back in the Navigation chair. The missile had lost its lock on the Enterprise, so he was safe for now. He watched as the view screen displayed the missile. It was quickly running out of speed, which got Frank to thinking.

"Computer, won't the missile keep going off into space?" Frank asked.

: Negative. The missile is still in the gravitation pull of the planet Earth:

Frank nodded his head. "So, it will just burn up in the atmosphere and cause a great fireworks show."

There was no answer from the computer. Why would there be, the computer probably didn't even know what a firework's display was. Frank took a sigh of relief, and then he looked at the missile again as it started to tumble back towards Earth.

"Ummm, just in case computer; was the warhead on the missile armed?" Frank asked.

: Affirmative:

Frank's smile began to fade. He stared at the view screen and could see a large object in far orbit of the planet.

"Computer, magnify and identify the object in the upper part of the screen." Frank said quickly.

The image was magnified. Frank gasped. It was the international space station. He looked at the position of the tumbling missile.

"Computer, plot the course of the space station, and the missile. Are they on a collision course?" Frank asked, not wanting to hear the answer.

: Affirmative:

"How many humanoid life forms are on the space station?" Frank asked softly.

: There are nine humanoid life forms. Six male, three female:

Frank shook his head in disbelief. "Shit! Unless those idiots down there do something about it," he said to himself. "I'm going to have to shoot the missile down after all." He snapped his fingers. "Computer, scan the missile. Is there a manual override function for the missile?"

There was a slight pause and then. : Affirmative:

"Are they trying to do use it? Scan for any signals between the missile and the planet below." Frank suggested quickly.

: Affirmative. The manual function of the missile is non-responsive:

"Gee; like I couldn't see that one coming. This is bad. I could wait for them to shoot it down," Frank said out loud. "But what if they miss or something else goes wrong." Then he looked at the targeting scanner at Sulu's station. He took a deep breath. "Computer, display targeting and weapon's control SOP on the main viewing screen."

Suddenly, the tech pages that explained the use of the weapon system were displayed. He didn't have long, and started reading immediately. Just as with the navigation of the ship, he had to take his time to get this right as well.

"Computer, how long will it be until impact between the missile and space station?" Frank asked, hoping it was longer than he knew it would be.

: 97 minutes, 37 seconds:

Frank took a deep breath, and began to read the manual.


the office of Liu Fong.

General Zhan stood at the desk of Liu Fong. Liu Fong sat in the chair on the other side of the desk and read the incredible information, and pictures, that Zhan had just handed him. They spoke in Cantonese, but for our story purposes, it is translated.

"This is most incredible General Zhan." Liu Fong said as he studied the pictures, of the USS ENTERPRISE in orbit of the Earth, and the current status of the American's defensive posture.

"They have failed to cripple it with a missile?" Liu Fong asked.

Gen Zhan nodded his head. "Yes. However, the missile has been armed, and poses a direct threat to the space station."

Liu Fong grimaced. "That would be most unfortunate for the crew." Then he smiled. "But fortunate for us. Our own space station is set to launch in one year. We will finally have dominance in space."

Gen Zhan gave Liu Fong a puzzled look. "One of our exchange astronauts is part of space station's crew. He will be killed unless we offer to intervene."

"Yes, I know." Liu Fong said, with sorrow. "We shall see to it that his family is well taken care of."

Zhan pressed the issues. "We could easily offer the Americans our assistance by offering to launch one of our own G-2 intercept missiles to destroy the missile before it threatens the space station. Beijing could use this act for positive propaganda against the Americans."

At that moment Liu Fong took out a small gun, fitted with a silencer, and shot the General in the middle of the forehead with it. He watched as the General fell backward on his back, stone cold dead. Liu Fong stood up and talked to the dead man's body.

"What Beijing wants, and what the Nine Dragons want, are not always the same." He said, scornfully at the body. Liu Fong clapped his hands twice and two large Chinese men came in and dragged the body out. A third man came in. He was Liu Fong's number one assistant, and his name was Wei-Chun. He stood before Liu Fong and bowed his head, waiting for an order.

Liu Fong held out a passport.

"Make the appropriate arrangements. I am going to America." Liu Fong said.

Wei-Chun nodded in obedience. "How long will you be staying?"

Liu-Fong contemplated an answer. "I cannot be to sure. Just make sure the usual arrangements are made."

Wei-Chun nodded quickly, and then strode away quickly.

Liu-Fong sat back down and looked at the photos. He actually was a fan of the old American program, Star Trek. Looking around his office, and after making sure no one saw, he made a perfect Vulcan hand salute. Then he looked back down at the picture of the USS Enterprise. If the ship was as real as it seemed, and became a tool for his organization, it would be a fine prize indeed. And then he slammed his fist down on the Enterprise.


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