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Just outside the suburban home of the Grayson's.

There could be some really serious jail time for something crazy like serving policemen pot-laced cookies, Austin Grayson thought to himself. And as he crouched down behind a nearby row of shrubbery, Austin could only wonder why the cops were even at his house at all. He had already been arrested for ditching a couple weeks back, so he knew getting caught doing it again so soon would be bad.

He racked his brain, and came up with the only idea. He had to get the cops to leave his house. He was looking down at the ground, when he saw a large rock. It was definitely large enough to break the window of the cop car. He could smash the window with the rock, then high tail back to where he was, behind the shrubbery, before the cops came out to see what the noise was.

Austin scanned the surrounding area. Luckily, there was no one was mowing a lawn, or walking a, or just doing things outside. But that wasn't going to last all day. With no other option, he dug the large stone, the size of a half of loaf of bread, out of the dirt by his feet. He scanned the street, and neighborhood, one last time and then started his approach towards the police sedan.

The shrubbery Austin was hiding behind belonged to the Inglehoppers. They were the typical family, a mom and dad, and two kids. One of the kids, Sally, had a crush on Austin that dated back to when they went to elementary school together. She had tried to cozy up to Austin for years, but she had to accept the fact that he didn't find her attractive. In fact, most boys didn't.

And as it turned out, she had stayed home from school that day too. She was feeling a little under the weather, and would use the sick day from school to catch up on her homework. She sat at her desk, her small toy poodle, named Puff Puff, in her lap, looking out the window which looked out over the street below. And then, she saw him. It was him! It was Austin. And it appeared as if the love of her life, though he didn't know he was the love of her life, was sneaking across the street, toward his house, where a police car was parked. And he was holding a large rock over his head!

"What the heck is he doing Puff Puff?" She asked Puff Puff as she petted her poodle, "Isn't he such a doll with that body of his? He is a babe!" She added, in total lush over Austin. "Now, what is my stud muffin up to? Let's go see if we can help him."

Inside Austin's home, his mother Jennifer and the two police men, Gordon and West were sitting in the living room, the two policemen on the couch, Jennifer in the rocking chair, watching an old Tom and Jerry cartoon. The three adults were laughing hysterically, and really enjoying the cookies.

"This is the best damn part." Gordon said as they watched Tom the cat sneak up on Jerry.

Suddenly a giant brick rolled off the roof of the cartoon house, smashing the unsuspecting cat in the head. The three adults laughed even harder, while chewing down more cookies. Officer Gordon was slapping his thigh in utter laughing hysteria.

Meanwhile, outside, Austin stood beside the cop car, and raised the rock over his head. Instantly he crashed it down on the back window of the cop car. He ran back across the street and hid behind the shrubbery, just as he planned it.

Suddenly, at that instant, a green Honda Civic sped by. It was Kathy Sobada's car! The very sexy blond was in the front seat driving, and next to her was Trina Jenson; Austin's soon to be girlfriend! He could also see his three skate-park friends, crammed in the back of the green car, along with two hot looking girls, as the car passed by, just as the two cops came running out of his house!

The kids in the car, seeing the crashed police car's window, screamed and sped off. The police officers, West and Gordon, were giggling as they rushed over to their police cruiser, got inside of it, and then sped down the street after the fleeing civic.

Once both cars were out of view, Austin ran over to his house and quickly went in, and shut the door. He saw his mom laughing her head off while watching a cartoon. She looked at him with glazed eyes.

"This is so funny!" She said, as she took a bite of a cookie.

He turned his attention to the plate of cookies on the table. They were his "special" cookies. He had made eight of them last night, and now, only two of them were left.

"Holy shit, holy shit!" He said, as he ran his worried hands through his scraggily hair.

His mom pointed at him. "You should be in school, mister!" She said, laughing all the while.

Austin ran over to the table, and grabbed up the remaining cookies. He ran into the kitchen to throw them away, but then the thought of Trina. He went ahead and wrapped up the other cookies, and stuck them in his pocket. His mom came in to the kitchen. He turned to see her looking for more cookies on the obviously empty plate.

"Where are the other two cookies?" She asked, giggling as she did.

"Mom, listen to me." Austin told her. "Did the policemen have any of the cookies?"

She nodded her head. "Oh yes honey," she stammered out, "they really liked them. I told them you made them." She made a stern face. "No one ever likes my cookies."

"Damn!" Austin cursed, as he immediately darted out of the kitchen and up the stairs to his room. He ran over and opened up his closet, and then felt for the wall above closet door. He breathed a sigh of relief after he found his stash still taped to the wall; nearly three pounds of pot. He took it into the bathroom and was about to flush it, when, he stopped himself.

"Am I crazy? This cost me my 360 and Halo4," He said to himself. "Fuck that, I'll bury it in the backyard!"

He zoomed back down the stairs, where he found his mom sitting on the bottom stair, her head buried in her hands. He stopped to make sure she was okay.

"Mom, are you okay?" He asked her.

She was crying. "Why can't I make cookies?"

She looked up at him, and Austin instantly could tell she was about to crash out.

"Mom, go lay down on the couch." He told her, as he took her by the arm and led her in to the living room. He helped her lay down, and then, he darted towards the back door.

He ran over to the small garden his mom had planted, and grabbed the small hand held shovel and dug a deep enough hole, in the dry part, away from the sprinkler, and placed the baggie of pot inside of it. He covered up the hole, and was startled when he heard a voice.

"Whatch'ya doing?" A girl's voice said from the gate. And not just some ordinary voice, Austin thought to himself. It was Sally Inglehoppers voice. He turned to see the girl, standing at the gate, making goo-goo eyes at him. He walked over to the gate. She stood on the other side.

"Umm, I was just helping my mom by checking out the garden." Austin said quickly.

"I saw what you did to that police car." Sally came right out and said. "Are you trying to get yourself arrested?"

Austin shook his head. "No, it was just an accident. The rock slipped out of my hand."

Sally smiled a devious smile. "Well, I don't know. I saw you raise it over your head and slam it down. Oh, don't worry Austin; it will be our little secret. Just like the time when we were nine years old and you…"

He stopped her. "Yes, yes, I remember. Just please don't tell anyone about the police car; okay?"

She nodded. "You know, next week is the sweet-heart dance. No one has asked me out yet and I would sure like to go."

Austin could tell by the tone of her voice, Sally wanted to go with him, or else.

He would have to take one for the team. "You want to go with me?" He asked her.

She nodded her head. "Yes!" Sally said, joyfully. She started to walk back to her place. "I have this perfect new dress, it will be the bomb. See you then Austin!" And with that she was gone, as if she was floating on could nine; whereas it seemed to Austin that a dark cloud was now hovering over him.

But while Austin was trying his best to stay out of juvinile hall; his dad was going to have to act fast to prevent World War III!

Next time…the International Space Station will be destroyed, all six astronauts killed; unless it is saved by the USS ENTERPRISE

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