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Kiefer Sutherland as Frank Grayson

Jeff Bridges as General Drake Morton

Mark Valley as Major Irv Wilson

Will Smith as Lt. Leonard Jackson

USS ENTERPRISE in orbit of Earth...REAL EARTH!

Frank Grayson, sitting in Captain Kirk's command chair, did what only a sane person could; he contemplated. He had to now accept the fact that he was either dead, or, this was real and wasn't a dream. The detail of the events, and the fluidity, were too detailed to be that of a dream. So, reluctantly, he decided to proceed as if it were real, because he didn't want to believe he was dead. Who would?

He had watched Star Trek through-out his life. He didn't consider himself a diehard fan, but maybe he was more of a fan than he thought. In fact, as he recalled, he had just dreamt about the show the night before this all started. Perhaps that had something to do with what was going on. But, there was no time to consider the "how"; he had to deal with more important things at the moment.

Frank racked his mind, trying to recall any information from the show that could help him now. He remembered that in a couple episodes, or so, people reading technical manuals. Perhaps he could find a few of them and see if he could understand them. He also remembered that whenever the ship had time traveled there was always concern from Kirk, and Spock, about being detected by NASA or some other military outfit. That possibility started to worry Frank.

The technology of real Earth, circa 2013, was far more advanced than that of the 1960s. Frank had been up on the ship for nearly an hour, and who knows how long the ship had been here before that. Was it possible that the ship had already been detected?

He also recalled several episodes where Kirk conversed with the computer, usually the voice of a woman. And it always seemed to happen over by Spock's station. He stood up from Kirk's chair and walked over to Spock's station. He closed his eyes and tried to recall what buttons were pressed to make the ships computer operate. He reached out and pressed one. He sat down on Spock's chair.

"Computer?" Frank asked, feeling rather silly as he did.

And sure enough, it answered back. "Working." It was with the same voice Frank had remembered hearing countless of times before on the show.

"Ummmm," Frank began, not really knowing what to say, "Scan the planet below and tell me if the Enterprise is being scanned?"

"Affirmative." The voice replied after making a couple clicking noises.

"Oh shit," Frank said.

That confirmed Frank's worries. The ship had been detected. And if in fact this was really happening, he knew that not only would this ship be a valuable asset to the United States of America, it would also be a prize to other countries as well. Frank realized right there and then that if all this was really happening, he had to make sure the ship, and its technology, did not fall into the wrong hands. And, he had to admit, he didn't even trust his own government with this kind of technology.

In his dream the night before, Frank remembered it was revolving around a battle with the Romulans. He had just seen one of the episodes recently where Kirk had stolen one of those things that make a ship invisible. He searched his memories trying to remember what they called that device.

"A Cloaking Device!" he said to himself.

"The device is functional and in Engineering." The computer voice suddenly said.

"Turn it on." Frank said to the computer.

"Not able to perform that command. The device must be manually operated." The computer replied.

"How do I do that?" Franks asked softy.

"Insufficient data," was the computer's only reply.

With no other course of action to take, Frank headed toward the turbo-lift. If there was indeed an operational Cloaking Device, Frank would have to activate it. How exactly that would happen, Frank had no idea.

As the Turbo-lift took him to engineering, he relaxed for a moment to think through what had to be done. First off, he couldn't possibly run this ship all by himself. Eventually he would have to get help. Second, he had to contact his wife and let her know what was happening. But he was also worried. If the government found out that he had access to the ship, they might come after him and his family, and then silence him, and even them, to keep it all a secret. Yeah, he had to admit, it all sounded paranoid, but inside he knew something to that affect would happen. Homeland Security, GITMO, heck, maybe he was over reacting. He would have to err on the side of caution, for now.


General Drake Morton sat in his office, waiting for Major Wilson to join him. He looked down to the dictionary on his desk, and randomly opened it to a page. He took out a twenty sided dice from his pocket, rolled it on the desk. It came up fifteen. He counted down to the fifteenth word, ready to learn the new word of the day. The word was erudition. He read the definition. He 'filed' it into the back of his mind. He then closed the book, noting the small indentation on the front. He swore he would never throw the dictionary again; though he doubted he would honor such a promise to himself.

Major Irv Wilson came into the office, along with Lt. Leonard Jackson. General Morton motioned for the two men to take their seats across from him.

"Alright, gentlemen, give me something to work with." Morton said quickly.

Maj. Wilson nodded to the General, and then started. "As per your orders, sir, all personal have been denied permission to leave the compound. All external forms of communication, except those with the Pentagon, have been suspended."

Morton lit a cigar as the Maj. gave his report. "What more can you tell me about our friend up there in space?" Morton asked.

Wilson nodded to Jackson and Jackson spoke.

"General," Jackson said, "we have conducted a complete survey of all feeds and servers. There has been no penetration of our systems. Meanwhile, the ESLIPS-1 tracking radar has confirmed that there is an object in that exact location, in geosynchronous orbit above North America. We are re-deploying a MQFIT high resolution satellite to get a better view of the object. It will be on site in two hours."

General Morton blew out some smoke, away from his two officers, and then he spoke to them. "What I am about to tell you is top secret."

The two officers nodded in acknowledgement.

"I just got off the JIG with the Joint Chiefs." He chewed on the butt of his cigar, and then continued, "They have confirmed, to me, that whatever that thing is up there is, it has surveillance capabilities as well. The Joint Chiefs do not know what, or who, the bogie is scanning down here, but our smartest people are confident that there are people up there initiating the scans."

Lt. Jackson raised his hand, as if in school. Morton looked over to him.

"Lt. Jackson," Morton said, "this isn't some elementary school; so if you have something to say, then just say it."

"Yes sir," Lt. Jackson replied, "But I would remind your sir that if there was a crew up there..."

Morton cut him off. "Mr. Jackson, are you really trying to tell me that you think Captain Kirk and Dr. Spock are up there, right now?

"Mister Spock; sir," Major Irv Wilson corrected him.

Morton looked to Wilson. "Oh Jesus Christ Major Wilson," Morton snapped back. "I'm starting to think you two are candidates for the fucking Army nut farm at White Bluff!"

"I know it sounds crazy sir," Lt. Jackson pressed, "but if for argument sake there was a crew up there, not necessarily Kirk and his crew, but some other crew, they would no doubt scan Earth. It would be standard procedure for a Federation Starship."

Morton started to laugh. "It's a Federation Starship?" he asked, humorously.

"Yes sir," Jackson replied. "The Federation is a consortium of planets that Earth belongs to. The USS Enterprise, and other ships like her, is part of Starfleet Command. It is their mission…"

Morton slammed his hands down, again, on his desk. "Now look here," he told both his officers, "do you realize how nutty you two sound. There IS NO Starfleet Command, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir." Both Jackson and Wilson replied in unison.

"And; the Joint Chiefs, and I, have decided to treat this UFO as a hostile threat until proven otherwise. I want you two to start taking this situation more seriously. In fact," Morton said as he took a deep drag on his cigar, and blew the smoke out, readying to use his new word of the day, "I am imparting this little bit of information on you with such erudition, there can be no cloud of doubt as to what I am saying; if we determine it is hostile, or might come under the influence of another country," he leaned in closer to make his point, "we are ordered to blast it into a million pieces."

Maj. Wilson and Lt. Jackson exchanged worried glances.


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