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Kiefer Sutherland as Frank Grayson

Jonathan Jackson as Austin Grayson

Evangeline Lilly as Jennifer Grayson

Jeff Bridges as General Drake Morton

Mark Valley as Major Irv Wilson

Will Smith as Lt. Leonard Jackson

Teresa Castillo as Television Reporter Angela Hanes

John Cusack as Narrenson

Kirsten Storms as Sally Inglehopper


Morgan Freeman as General Augustus Brown

Frank Grayson stood at the control panel of Transporter Machine. He was readying to beam his daughter, Amber, up to the ship. The past several hours had become a blur, but Frank, and his wife and son, were aboard a real-life version of the famed fictional ship; USS ENTERPRISE. How this had come to be, Frank could not be sure. But one thing he knew; someone down Earth, the U.S. Government it would appear, knew there was a real Enterprise in space. A failed attempt to shoot down the Enterprise almost became a tragedy. But, for now, it was averted.

"Are you sure you know how to do this?" Jennifer asked nervously.

"I beamed you two up with no problems." Franks said to her, to calm her down.

Frank and Jennifer, and their sixteen year old son Austin found the entire situation fascinating. "Dad, remember the movie The Fly when it turned that monkey inside out; could that happen to Amber?"

"Oh my God!" Jennifer said upon hearing Austin's words.

Frank looked angrily to Austin. "Shut up Austin. You're talking about your sister!"

"I know," Austin said with a laugh. "Besides that shit never happened on Star Trek." Then he pondered for a moment. "Well, until the first movie."

"Be quiet." Frank demanded.

"Maybe she'll get transported to an alternate universe." Austin said, with a slightly excited voice, feeling for a goatee that didn't exist on his face.

"Besides Austin, I thought you didn't even like Star Trek, mister 'Hon-Solo could kick Captain Kirk's butt." Frank said as he adjusted two of the controls.

"Well, he could." Austin added.

"No way," Frank said under his breath, "not a chance. Now," Frank said to them both, "please be quiet as I do this, I have to concentrate." Frank said as he reached for the sliding bar controls of the Enterprise's Transporter Machine.

Earth...just outside the home of Frank Grayson

Sally Inglehopper was in pure heaven. The school-dance was over, and Austin had brought her home after a wonderful time. They had shared a wonderful dinner, with lavish service. He had also taken her on a horse and buggy ride through downtown San Diego's Gas-Lamp district. There was even a stroll along the boardwalk, just beyond the old Beaumont Park roller coaster. This was, no doubt, the greatest moment in her life.

And now, here they were. The two love birds were standing on the porch of her house, preparing to say goodnight. Austin held her soft hands in his, and his eyes were full of lust for her.

"You looked very dashing tonight in that tuxedo." Sally said as he held her close. She could tell that feeling her ample breasts, pressed up against his strong chest, had pleased Austin; the love of her life.

"And not a single girl at the dance radiated with as much beauty as you." Austin said. "I love you Sally, and I have wanted, for so long, to share a moment like this with you, and to have it end like this." He moved his mouth closer to her mouth. She tilted her head to the right, and gazed into his eyes.

Overcome by excitement, and hormones, Sally closed her eyes in total anticipation, and then she opened them and woke up.
The dance had all just been a dream, one of many she had of Austin over the years. She looked around as she regained her composure. She wasn't on her porch. She was on her back, on the side of the Grayson's house, next to where they kept their trashcans. Then she remembered. Earlier she had seen Austin smash the police-car, so she came over to see what Austin was up to. She was then spying on both Austin, and his mother when suddenly, they dissolved away.

She must have fainted, Sally surmised. Then, suddenly she heard noises. She got back up, and looked into the window again. Austin and his mom were gone, the living room, at least the part she could see, was empty. Then she heard a voice. It was Austin's younger sister, Amber. She had just gotten home from school. Sally envied Amber. Austin no doubt walked around the house in all sorts of semi-nude combinations. Sally's mouth watered at the thought, when suddenly she could see Amber in the living room. The young girl was talking on her cell phone, and then she plopped down on the couch where Austin's mom had been sleeping in earlier.

Sally was about to leave, when suddenly Amber's body started to shimmer, just as Austin's had earlier, and then, just like Austin and his mom, Amber dissolved away. Sally's eyes rolled up into her head and she fainted again.


Narrenson stood in the secured room that housed The Server. Just to the right of the Server, a representation of what was happening, high in Earth's orbit, was being, for lack of better words, projected for three dimensionally Narrenson to view.

A globe of energy, no larger than a soccer ball, and no more than a foot away from Narrenson, could be seen. Inside the globe of energy was what appeared to be the USS ENTERPRISE from Star Trek. And just at that moment, the globe of energy vanished, but the ship remained. And then, a small stream of energy stretched out from the Server, and toward ship.

Narrenson's hands glided over the virtual keyboard before him, and he keyed in some commands. He looked at the virtual monitor. The Server had analyzed the strange energy pattern, and confirmed Narrenson's suspicion. It was indeed some form of teleportation. Then, as fast as it had disappeared, the globe of energy returned and surrounded the ship as the 'beaming' ended.

A few more keyed command strokes also confirmed Narrenson's other suspicion. Who ever had just been teleported up to the ship had been teleported from the home of Frank Grayson. Narrenson shut down the Server. He had all the info he needed; for now. He walked toward the exit, and rode up the elevator. He then rode up the second elevator, and soon left the old brick building. He had much work to do. Narrenson was well aware of what was going on at Norad, concerning the strange ship in space. And he was also pretty sure the Chinese Nine Dragons were already aware of the situation as well.

What it meant was this; American, and Earth's very survival could be hanging in the balance.

But he also had another thought; it had happened again. This wasn't the first time something like this had happened!

NORAD COMMAND...the Rockie Moutains

General Drake Morton, General Irv Wilson, Lt. Leonard Jackson, news-reporter Angela Hanes and cameraman Brock Lennon all stared up at the large screen as the image of the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff was projected. The Five Star General, who was in Washington DC at the Pentagon, was busy on the phone, and would speak to them when his call had finished.

Lt. Wilson was sitting next to Angela Hanes. He was showing her a picture of his daughter, Shyawna, telling about the condition of his little girl.

"She is so beautiful." Angela said as she looked at the picture. "I'm so sorry."

Lt. Jackson smiled, but it was clear it was hurting him inside. "My wife and I are praying for a miracle. You never know." Jackson said.

Angela nodded her head in agreement. At that moment the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Augustus Brown, finally faced the camera for the briefing.

The Chairman was a Five-star General, and he was highly decorated. The ribbons that adorned his uniform were nothing short of stunning. It was clear to all, he was as serious as it came, but also very friendly.

"Drake, it's been too long," Gen. Brown said to Gen. Morton, "When are you going to come out of that hole in the ground you call a base and visit Stella and me?" Gen. Brown asked with a warm smile, referring to his wife Stella.

Gen. Morton smiled back at his old friend. "Just as soon as you and Stella come out west and go duck hunting with me and Veronica and the boys. It's been too long." Morton replied.

"Too long," Gen. Brown nodded in agreement. He quickly got on point. "What do you have for me Drake? What are we dealing with up there?"

Gen. Norton looked over to Maj. Wilson first, then down to his talking notes. "I know this will make me a candidate for a padded wall," Morton began today, "but it would appear as if there is a," he paused to collect his words, "highly advanced Constitution-class Starship in orbit of this planet."

Gen. Brown nodded his head. "We have been getting the images from the recons too." Gen. Brown said. "And it would appear as if we owe a debt of gratitude to whatever that thing is up there. We almost lost the space station." Gen. Brown paused to read a note he was just handed. "Do we have any idea where the damn thing went?"

Norton shook his head. "No Augustus, we don't. But we are pretty sure it is still up there. One of our sweeps picked it for a few seconds about fifteen minutes ago but we couldn't get a fix. But it's still up there, that much we are sure of." Morton said. He looked over to Hanes and winked, and then Camera man, making sure he was filming the meeting, and then added, "But we're ready to kick some ass if it comes to that. There's only one superpower on this planet and it's the God damned US of A, not Sergeant Kirk!"

"You mean Captain Kirk." Gen. Brown corrected Morton. "I get your meaning. However, I just got off the phone with the Secretary of Defense. You are not to take any offensive actions toward whatever that thing is, again, without direct approval from White House."

"But why," Morton said, a little disappointed, "that's what we're here for; it's our main duty Augustus."

Gen. Augustus Brown frowned. "I know Drake, I know. But Washington is having a hard time keeping this under wraps. The Chinese and Russians are already suspicious as to what is going on. And for all we know," Gen. Brown paused so his words could have better effect, "we all saw what this thing can do. What if it attacks us back?

"Then we blow it out of the sky!" Morton replied.

Brown stared back with all the conviction he could. "What if we can't?" His words were filled with dread. "If this thing is even as powerful as I remember from watching that show on TV, we may not be able to even lay a scratch on in."

Morton had not considered the possibility. "I see your point." Morton agreed.

"Wait for further instructions, and keep us advised." Gen. Brown said.

Morton saluted his long time friend, and then the screen went dark. Morton collected his thoughts.

"Well, that wasn't inspiring." General Wilson said. "But then again, what can we do?"

Morton looked to the camera man, a young African-man, who couldn't be more than eighteen years old, who held the TV camera. His name was Brock Lennon.

"Did you get all that; son?" Morton asked.

Brock nodded his head. "Yes sir," Brock said, "and you looked very heroic indeed." The kid said with a smile, having remembered being told how to suck up to the General by Angela Hanes.

Morton looked to Maj. Wilson. "How did I come off?" Morton asked his second in command.

"Damn good sir." Wilson said with a nod. "Damn good indeed."

Morton puffed on his cigar. He was happy, he was in his element. And despite what his good friend Gen. Brown said, Morton considered the protection of the US of A his primary duty.


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