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Austin Grayson was marveling at the 23rd century spray-bottle he held as his dad prepared a hypo.

Luckily, for Frank, the different ship areas, engineering, weapons, and even medical, kept real detailed SOPS (Standard Operation Procedures) in each work station. If someone took the time to read them, and really paid attention to detail, they were quite helpful. Austin held up the spray-bottle to his father.

"Dad, this is just a bottle like the ones for 409. Look at the sprayer-trigger thing. They don't even make them like this anymore in our time." Austin said with a slight tone of disbelief in his voice.

"Yeah, well just in case, don't touch anything in here." Frank said as he put the hypo up to his wife's arm. Jennifer was still in a nice peaceful sleep, thanks to the special cookies she had eaten earlier.

Jennifer Grayson opened her eyes and smiled as she saw her two most favorite men looking down at her; Frank and Austin. Her last cohesive memory was laughing it up with the two policemen and then complaining that no one liked her cookies as much as they like her son's.

"Hello dear." Frank said to her.

She smiled back at him. The feeling she had was one she had had many times before. It was the 'after the high' feeling of being stoned. But how could that be. She sat up from the bed she was in and felt a little dizzy, but then she started feeling better.

"What happened to me?" She asked softly.

"You got stoned mom." Austin said, as he stood next to Frank.

She giggled. "What do you mean I got stoned?" She asked back to him.

Frank helped her stand up. "Austin's right honey, you got stoned. Apparently our son can make really good cookies." Frank said with a slight smile, and even with a little pride. Frank had made some pretty interesting brownies back in his old college days that were still legendary. Though, he would never tell Austin.

"It was the cookies?" She asked surprised.

"Yeah," Austin replied in a guilty tone, "I made some cookies last night and I, well, I blended in some weed and, ummm, you ate them. Were they as good as dad's brownies?"

"You told him about that?" Frank said in slight anger.

Jennifer smiled back at Frank, and she looked a little peeved. "No, your brother did."

Frank looked to Austin. "This isn't funny Austin. I hope this is the last time." Frank knew it wouldn't be; Austin still had college in his future. But he knew his son well enough to know it was just a phase with the young man, as it was with him.

Jennifer gasped, and put her hand over her mouth. "Frank, I gave some of those cookies to the policemen who came looking for," she directed her attention to Frank, "you." She took a second and looked around her strange surroundings. "Hey, where are we?" She asked.

Frank looked at the two of them. "I just got done telling Austin, but I'll say it again to you." Frank said. "Somehow, someway, and I know it sounds incredible to believe, but we are aboard the Starship Enterprise."

Jennifer looked at him with a smile. "Of course we are honey." She didn't let two seconds pass until she continued. "Have you been eating our son's cookies too?"

"Mom, he isn't kidding." Austin said quickly. "He actually beamed the two of us up here about fifteen minutes ago." Austin said "Then he carried you here to sickbay, gave you a shot from that thing," he pointed at the hypo that was in Frank's hand, "and now here we are. Isn't if fucking cool?"

"What your language." Frank reminded Austin.

"Sorry dad, but shit, it's all too hard to believe. I must be dreaming." Austin said.

"That's what I thought at first." Frank said to his son. "But you're not, I'm not, none of us are." He said as he looked to his wife. "And, as far as I can tell, we are the only ones aboard."

Jennifer shook her head. "You expect me to believe that the three of us are in outer space aboard that ship?" She asked.

Frank sighed. "Yep," he told her, "and I have no idea what is going on. And the bad news is that someone on Earth knows we are here. They just tried to blow this ship up with a nuclear missile, but I was able to destroy it with a Photon-torpedo. We're cloaked right now, but I'm not sure how long that will last."

Jennifer began to laugh. "Do you even realize how silly that sounds? You shot it down with a fucking Photon-torpedo? Excuse my French."

Frank nodded. "Believe me, I do honey." Frank said. "Better yet, I'll show you, come with me." He told her.

They walked toward the door and it opened, making the familiar swooshing noise.

"That's awesome." Austin said as he heard the noise of the door.

The three of them walked down one of the corridors of the ship. Frank spoke as they did.

"I was in my car, and I found this in my pocket." He reached in his pocket and showed them the communicator. "The next thing I know, I'm up here on the ship."

"That's why the cops were at the house." Jennifer told him. "They found your car abandoned on the freeway, and wanted to know where you were."

"Great," Frank said, "just great. Keeping this secret is going to be harder than I thought." Frank told her.

"You want to keep it secret?" Austin asked.

They came to a Turbo-lift and entered it. Frank gave it the bridge command and the Turbo-lift went into action.

"Yeah, we have to keep this secret, at least for now." Frank told Austin.

Austin's idealism rang through his words as he spoke. "Dad, can't you imagine what something like this ship could do for the world? You could use it to transport resources around the planet; like food and water for the poor. You've kind of always been open to new ideas like that. You could even save the whales by blasting those asshole whalers out of the water. This ship could be used for so much good." Austin pleaded.

Frank liked his son's free spirit. "Yes, we could use it to do good things like that." Frank agreed. "Then again, what about the other uses of this ship?" Frank said in a soft voice. "What if Al-Qayda; or heck, some of the goofball people in our own government got their hands on this ship? For all the good a ship like this could do, it could also be used to cause more harm than good."

"We won't let them." Austin said resolutely.

"Austin, listen to me, if someone found out we had access to this ship, someone who wanted to use it for their own selfish reasons, our family could be in danger. Not just our family, even our friends could be used to get to us."

Austin shook his head. "Dad, you sound like a super-hero worried that revealing your secret identity could get your girlfriend killed."

Jennifer chimed in. "Dad is right Austin." She said. "I know it sounds crazy, like from a stupid movie, but I don't want any of us getting hurt by this damn thing. I think we should just leave it up here, or set it off into space, and move on and forget all about it." Then she paused, and thought about what Frank said. "Oh my God, we have to make sure Amber is okay!"

The Turbo-lift opened and they all walked onto the bridge. Austin was amazed and walked around and surveyed the entire bridge. Frank stood with Jennifer and put his hands on her shoulders.

"I'm sure Amber is okay honey." Frank said. "I doubt anyone knows exactly who is up on this ship (see last issue to know that isn't quite true). She still has an hour or two of school left. Once she gets home we can beam her up here."

Jennifer shook her head. "Didn't you hear what I said?" Jennifer came back with. "We have to get off this thing, let it go, and not come back. I know how amazing this thing is to you, but our family is more important than this."

Frank nodded in agreement. "I know it is honey." He told her. "But this has happened for a reason. We can run from it, and go on with our lives as you said. But Austin isn't completely wrong on this either. We could find a way to help change the world, make something good happen from all of this."

Jennifer hugged her husband tight. Then she looked at him.

"Okay, John Denver" she said to him, "but the moment it looks like we're losing control, I want you to promise me you will walk away from this if I ask you to."

She kissed her. "You have a deal."

They both watched as their son looked around the bridge. As they did, she reached down and squeezed Frank's ass, through is jeans. He looked to her, and she gave him a sexy smile. Frank looked to Austin.

"Austin, I'm going to show mom around the ship for about a half hour. Don't touch anything. If anything happens," he pointed at a button on Kirk's command chair, "I think this button activates the ship wide PA system."

"Okay, I will." Austin said as sat at the helm.

"I mean it," Frank warned Austin again, "don't touch anything."

"Okay, I heard you." Austin said again.

Frank and Jennifer stepped into the Turbo-lift. Moments later they walked into Captain Kirk's quarters.

"Is this Kirk's room?" Jennifer asked.

"It is." Frank said as the two looked around. "This is where he bedded a few of the women on the show."

"But that was all a TV show." Jennifer said in a sexy tone. "None of that was real." She added.

Frank turned around to face her, only to find she had already slipped off her shirt, and bra. He became aroused as he watched her slip off her shorts, revealing a very sexy pair of all white cotton panties; his favorite to see her wearing.

"I thought it was that time of the month." He said softly as he watched her slide on to the bed, with only her panties on.

"No, it was over yesterday." She told him. "That is why I wore these today." She said as she slid her hand across her tight stomach and into her panties, followed by his eyes the whole way. "Now, are you going to stand there like Captain Picard and do nothing?" She asked. "Or, are you going to give me a spanking like Captain Kirk!" She rolled over on her stomach, and rose up on her knees and elbows, offering a nice view of her panty-clad rear end.

"Hmmmm," He said as he began to take off his own clothes. "So you have been paying attention to the differences of the Captains." He said with a smile as he slid onto the bed next to his wife.

And as Frank Grayson and his wife engaged with foreplay before making love on the bed of Captain Kirk, and as their son marveled as he sat in Captain Kirk's command chair on the bridge, none of them knew the entire truth. For despite what Frank believed, they were not the only life forms aboard the USS ENTEPRISE.


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