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Summary: A Star Fleet engineer and his alien wife are caught up in the schemes of several powers' intelligence services. Meanwhile, a genetically engineered polymorphic plague is heading, undetected to the core of the Federation.
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Published: 18 Dec 2012 Updated: 18 Dec 2012
Story Notes:
NOTE: While the story takes place in TOS, the Dosadi and Hydrans were creations/modifications of races present in the game Star Fleet Battles as these stories exist within the context of several huge games we played back in the 1980's. TOS Canon Characters make only a brief appearance.
The Dosadi Suite
Story Notes

The Dosadi Suite
Story Notes

This is actually a full book, broken into 5 cycles and 3 codas. The story is being told by a reporter“ if you want to read things in order here's your table of contents:

Cycle 1 - Fugue
Prologue“ Sets the stage.
The story of how a young human Star Fleet engineer meets and falls in love with a Dosadi Imperial Marine. Crosses the events of Coda 2, and 3. Minor appearance by Nurse Chapel.

Cycle 2“ Triad
Continues the story of Wilkes and Sooth, their struggles to have a child while dealing with the espionage intrigues of a Hydran Colonel. Minor appearances by CPT Kirk and CDR Spock.

Cycle 3“ Pivot
Continues the story of Wilkes and Sooth as they become involved in stopping a bio-weapon from being released on Earth under a flag of truce.

Coda 1“ Raid on Romulus
Details the events of the Dosadi raid that destroyed the Romulon capitol city.

Coda 2“ Free For All At Toulagai
Details the events of the first battle where Wilkes, Sooth and COL Jons first met“ though on opposite sides.
Coda 3“ The Long Night
Details the events of the Dosadi assault on a Gorn battlestation to recover a defector.

Cycle 4 Minuet
Tells the story Wilkes' and Sooth's daughter Heather's time at Starfleet Academy while she learns to be a Federation fighter pilot and a details a series of Cardassian atrocities.

Cycle 5“ Finale
Tells the story of Wilkes' and Sooth's son Corin, a Dosadi Special Forces Soldier and his rescue of a young Dosadi child after the Cardassians capture a critical Dosadi planet“ and the Dosadi's attempt to retake the planet.

Epilogue“ Wraps it all up for you.

End Notes & Acknowledgments“ copyright and title information for song lyrics and thanks to the folks who've provided help and suggestions!

I would VERY much like any comments, suggestions, or reviews you would care to offer positive or negative, even if it's just 'This didn't hook my interest'. Thank you for taking the time to read it!

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