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Summary: A Key comes out of the wormhole - then things get weird...

This is a Buffyverse crossover - it's been on line at other sites since 2003, but I haven't posted it to a specialist Star Trek site before. Feedback would be appreciated. Some knowledge of the Buffy universe is useful but not essential.
Rated: K+
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Published: 19 Jun 2011 Updated: 19 Jun 2011
Story Notes:
This is a Buffy / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine crossover. It's set during the last series of DS9, the exact time isn't important, and a few years after the final episode of BtVS. There have been so many changes to Star Trek canon that I've lost track of the precise historical background of Deep Space Nine, apologies if I mention anything that shouldn't be part of the last series or the history described in it.

One of the inspirations for this story was Tara Keezer's story "Stupid Portal", others were Jennifer Oksana's "Real, More or Less" and Roz Kaveney's "Forgiven." I hope that none of them will feel too insulted by what follows.

All characters belong to their respective creators / film companies / etc. and are used without permission. This story may only be distributed on a non-profit-making basis.

Warning - Occasional references to some some complex religious and philosophical ideas. British spelling.

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