ST: The Next Generation - Retribution by Terilynn
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Full-length, Pre-Nemesis/Post-Dominion War novel.

Categories: Next Generation Characters: Ensemble Cast - TNG
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Adult Situations, Violence
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Chapters: 34 Completed: Yes Word count: 62554 Read: 89484 Published: 02 Feb 2009 Updated: 16 Feb 2009
Interlude III by Terilynn

Where are they taking me?

Still hot as hell.
Sweat box.
At least there are no damned lights.
Where am I going now?
Am I going back?

So tired.

I don’t want to go back.
I can’t let Gul Nekrit win.
I must…I must beat them.
I promised. I promised her I would beat them.
I don’t want to go back.
Hell hole.

Never forget. There are always four.


So, so tired.
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